How does Ubuntu help an event?


If I organize an Ubuntu event (ubucon, install party, small talks inside a big other event…), how would Ubuntu support it on these areas?

  • Merchandising: t-shirts, banners, USBs, stickers… I think they would be great for appear an Ubuntu event and raffling items between people.

  • Money.

Then, my questions would be:

  • Requirements (Ubuntu members? Organization? Just 1 user? etc).
  • How much merchandising and/or money would Ubuntu give?
  • Where/Who to ask?

Thanks in advance!

See - this is all explained there.


Thanks @rbasak I already read that, but it looks only for money.

For example, for an event, I would prefer Merchandising than money. It should be something clear about this.

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If you have the money, you can spend it however you see fit. It’s also true that at events, merchandise is typically supplied. Not a ton of it, but enough to captivate people’s interest.

There’s a contact at the end of that page you can ask questions. They typically liase with the community council to approve out of the ordinary requests. I’d suggest you be really clear about your expectations in terms of which items and what quantity.

Thanks guys, you solved my doubt :slight_smile: A big hug