How Do I Increase Laptop's Resolution to Full HD in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Hello Community,

I have been using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS ever since it got released. I am using this in my laptop as my main OS.

My Laptop Config - Acer E 15 Core i5 4th Gen - (8 GB Ram/ 2 GB Graphics) E5-572G Laptop (15.6 inch, Full HD 1080)

There was a problem in OME display to had to change that. I got that from a local store, now my display completely is gone. Today I checked resolution it was showing max 1366x768 (16.9). Now everything looks carp. I tried to increase its buy following up some youtube videos and forums, however, no success.

Please let me know what do I do to increase that to the original one.

Thanks for your help.

This site is not setup for Support, so you should try using one of the support forums found at

Thanks for the reply, however, I am unable to find the right place to ask question and get help.
Can you let me know what forum I should be asking this question? Can you share direct link to the forum… thanks . is Ubuntu’s official forum for support.

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Awesome! thanks for the help :slight_smile: