How could I install previous lxd version

I have a lxd cluster with many users. Now I need to add some new machines into this cluster. However, snap only supprot to install 5.15 or later version of lxd(What I need is lxd 5.11-ad0b61e (24483)). For keeping consistent for all machines in the cluster, I perfer to use snap to install it.

What I have tried
I try to copy lxd_24483.snap(version 5.11) under /var/snap/lxd/ to my new machines, and snap install it. Lxd can work well but lxc binary is disappear under /snap/bin/ after installing.
I use “sudo snap install lxd_24483.snap --dangerous” to install it

Why not update my lxd version
As there’re many users, I’m afraid that updating will break down my lxd service. I’ll do this later(need to connect with all users and tell them the time). But machines hardware resourses will be not enough before I do this.

I think I have found the solution. Just soft link lxc manually by “ln -s /snap/bin/lxd.lxc /snap/bin/lxd” after snap install .snap pkg

LXD does not support installing older unsupported versions.
The LXD 5.xx releases are only supported for 1 month, so to keep up to date with security and bug fixes you should ideally run on latest/stable channel or one of the LTS channels such as 5.0/stable.


We do provide the last few monthly releases as static channels for installing specific versions so as to allow more control as to when the systems are upgraded. However it is still expected that systems are manually upgraded frequently when using these monthly releases.

The article above covers the snap store proxy which would allow you to control exactly which revision your cluster systems get, so that would be a supported way of achieving a specific version.