How can I delete my discourse account?

I want to delete my account , but it looks like there is no way to do this. Can it please get removed?

Yeah, discourse is a bit odd that I can’t delete your account but I can deactivate it if that’s helpful? Sorry about that.

I think you should delete all your previous posts to be able to delete your own account or have an admin delete them for you.

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You cannot take back the footsteps you have left in the sand.
You cannot take back the words you have spoken in public.
Entropy tells us that it is foolish to try too hard to turn back the clock.

But…we can anonymize your login/password so nobody can ever impersonate you or steal your inactive account. Be warned that this includes you if you someday change your mind.

Let us know in a somewhat less public manner if you choose anonymity, or if you really want to fight entropy.

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It is possible to self-delete accounts if discourse admin chooses the right values for delete_all_posts_max and delete_user_max_post_age:

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