How about we also make the notification list appear in dark if Yaru Dark theme is set?

I’ve just upgraded to Focal Fossa and the very first thing I have noticed is that the appearance of the notification list doesn’t adjust accordingly. This is what it looks like right now:

Wouldn’t it be aesthetically correct to make every single element of the interface match to whatever theme is set?

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Use Tweak Tool + User Themes ( Gnome extension )

@kbar It depends on the GNOME Shell Theme, not the GTK theme.

Yaru has a “hidden” dark system (shell) theme. The reason it is hidden is because gnome doesnt fully support it yet

But you can only use it when you install the user-themes extension

If you did, I can really recommend this extension for auto switching to dark mode at a specific time:

So it’s a matter of incompatibility between GNOME Shell and Yaru theme, correct?

In any case, the theme looks incomplete and unpolished.

so from what i can understand, to change to dark theme, it requires user-themes extension to be enabled

However System 76’s pop_os does this dark-theme and light theme switching out-of-the-box from Gnome-settings without user-themes extension

Settings -> Appearance

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Good point. I guess pop OS has patched gnome shell but maybe only @3v1n0 knows exactly.