Hot Corners

I love Ubuntu 18.04, great work everyone. I have one suggestion… I think Ubuntu made Gnome a lot better with its tweaks but one feature I miss is the top left corner hot corner. I enabled it with Gnome Tweaks, but I think that it should be something that is enabled by default.


+1 - This is the way I always open the overview on my install.

I’d also love to see some of the Shell settings seen in Tweaks to be brought over to the Control Center, like they did with dock stuff - there’s so much stuff in there that should be default to regular settings but isn’t. Stuff like themes, hot corners, extensions, power, fonts, etc.

In fact, why not bring over everything that regular computer users would understand or maybe need into the default settings, and have a toggle in the appmenu for “Advanced Settings” that shows the rest? Control Center is already patched/plugged with Dock settings, so the only real trouble would be adding the advanced settings toggle.

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This is a bad idea.

Let’s say a Windows user switched to Ubuntu. He notices that Activities are opening in some strange way, when he open Firefox (or other first app in dock), and does not understand that they open when the mouse moves to the upper left corner.

If he find out about this, he will turn it off anyway, because he isn’t lazy to click on the “Activities” button. But to disable, he need to install GNOME Tweaks.


Then that’s why it should be moved into the settings, and acknowledged in the Welcome app. Without having it on by default, activities is unwieldy and annoying to use.

I agree with taciturasa, without hotcorner Gnome shell go back in classic gnome 2 behaviour. I got a macbook at work, and i had no doubt that gestures and corners are THE IHM features.

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