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Hello all!

I’d like to apply for Ubuntu Community Membership. I work for Hewlett Packard Enterprise and we are working to certify Ubuntu as part of new service to be offered later this year which is currently in development. I have contributed to the Ubuntu community by spreading awareness of Ubuntu to my peers and getting Ubuntu used for new projects. I may not have many contributions to the community itself, but I have been able to learn a lot about Ubuntu, and I am still learning a lot.


Launchpad: Hill Carter in Launchpad

Github: Repository search results · GitHub


  • We are working to certify Ubuntu as part of a new service to be offered later this year which is currently in development .

Thank you for your consideration!

Hello Hill Carter –

With my Ubuntu membership Board hat on I assume the podium.
While I do appreciate your zeal and works to promote Ubuntu, it is sustained long term contributions to the eco-system that gains recognition. Not a trivial matter; the recognition is not an easy award.

Please review the Membership/Boards - Ubuntu Wiki page and see what else you could list as contributions.
Documentation ?
Reporting Bugs ?
Bug triage ?
Translations ?
Coding experience - then how about joining a Development Team ?
Support for problem resolution on any of the several support venues ?
Activities to develop a Ubuntu local Community ?
And so much more that could make for qualifications for your application.

Further, the board requires supporting testimonials in corroboration.

As you feel you meet the conditions then of course - by all means - make the date for the board to evaluate your application.

Not at all do I want to deter or hinder your associationship with Ubuntu - show us the meat :smiley:
Best regards

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