High power consumption


I am testing the new beta and it looks like the battery of laptop gets drained fast. I have a Thinkpad with 2 batteries and normally the backup lasts for 6 hours and on Cosmic beta it hardly lasts for 2 hours. Is anyone else facing the same issue?

I had the issue with 16.04 and 18.04. I like to think that is how Ubuntu is.

And there is no testcase for Power Consumption. I think they are aware of the issue and due to some reasons are not able to fix or patch in the current state of Ubuntu. We can hope for a solution anytime sooner.

That sounds like a new or unusual bug. I just spent 2 weeks travelling with Cosmic on a laptop and had no such problem…

Does top report any processes using high CPU?

@pacman, could you install powertop and see if it reports anything unusual?


Please report a bug here with lots of system information so that we can find the offending subsystem and debug it properly.

Please also tell us the new bug ID created.

Nope normally no process is running with high resource usage.

Did that, no unusual reports.

Bug reported #1795342

@pacman Is the ThinkPad T580?

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