Hello, world!

in this message
i’m forgotten maybe 3-4 years
interested in two sides: art and coding
i want make art/design and study in programming
*now started learning X,GTK,GNOME and glad to expirementing in web
push me plz to something interesting or usefull

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Hello World… I’m Jamie G.Cardinal. I am brand-spanking used up at my old job or, past Life-fa-fa… As of end of yesteryear, I am now a dedicated, mind-driven, open-minded,and completely focused on, “The Ubuntu Universe”… I am a person with a disability, well, I finally found out halfway through my lifespan, but i always had a knowing Iwas different… i just couldn’t see it then nor have i accepted… but tahts a differentstory… Timeis Ubunto, andrightnow… THIS IS ALL BRAND SPANKING NEW EVERYTHING… I only hope I can show my best forward and hopefully, maybe landing me an actual setting or place of origin in your,'UBUNTU UNIVERSE"… I literally started from scratch a year ago and already have a keen sense andidea of all the various components of study needed in Technology… Thanks for allowing me this beautiful opportunity and I dearly hopeIcan contribute asmuch as isneeded, but like i said, I too, am learning an abundance of newknowledge and opportunites just by contributing and understanding… I only see great minds and wonderful everything here… I Must Thank MY CREATOR fir this… and especially youtoo, Ubuntu… Hope I landme a job or blah blah… We have much to do…Carry on… Talk later… byeeeeeeee

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Hi everyone, This is Ram Rajagopal. I applied for one of the positions at Canonical and found this forum interesting. I’ve been a linux user for a while but have not played with Ubuntu enough. Looking forward to learn more about the distribution and eventually make my own contirbutions :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi everyone!
I am new to here!

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“Hello World”

Are the first words when you are lerning the new programing lenguaje. It’s true?
So why not start for there, I was thinking (I think to much…oooh no my head is burning!!)
I love english lenguaje and the programing lenguaje, but I’m not good with this last: You are good or are worker. I am the last, but the last will be the first! I am like a ubuntu or linux, I am not be telling ubuntu is the last, I think, not I think, I am sure is in the movie ‘The Devil’s Advocate’: Al Pacino say to Keanu Reeves (is something like this, I dont know, I saw the movie in spanish, I gone traslate how I can) " don’t let will see you coming". Well, I want to say (sorry for my english, I strive [new word for me, thanks google]… how I am telling… I STRIVE to learn more every day, I love) So… why this concept?
Because If you are big you can take more, you can more, you will be more… but when you are litle: YOU ARE FASTER, you can move better! it is true? I think yes.
So in summary:

  1. Hello world to start
    2.Ubuntu (linux) is better because is faster, is better because is etical, is better because… is like a this man of the last row of the class (not is there because he dont know nothing) who have silence voice because he dont want speak. I want to say (sorry) I love linux and I love ubuntu.
    Only I have one cuestion: Is linux and derivateds contracultural, is underground…?
    Sometimes (thinking… noo! my head is smoking again…some hits onthe head and stop :smiley: ) the dificult not is the anwer, sometimes, I think that say or one time say Slavoj Žižek: The dificult is make the good cuestions not have the answere. So. Finish world.
    I gone say “Goodbye World” for the end. And check it: (sorry is in spanish) Sorry for my english!

sORRY! I didn’t remember say thanks, thank you all for make ubuntu, make linux better and world ethical! ecological economy… (I dont think nto much about two concept together :upside_down_face: :expressionless: :no_mouth: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:). So THANK YOU ALL!! Agur! :stuck_out_tongue: :hugs: :wink:

Hello Ubuntu world, newbie here, looking to find out more about the community. I’m an ex physicist, turned software developer, always looking for opportunities to learn by contributing to open projects.
Huge fan of the online Ubuntu communities already - even as a relatively inept user, I have always found patient and expert help to resolve any issue. All Linux communities are great, but maybe sometimes the Ubuntu forums have more patience with the lay person, with beginner problems - which is exactly what is needed to convert more and more users!
Thanks to all for all your excellent work!!

Hello, I have just applied for legal counsel at Canonical and am trying to understand the process. also found this forum interesting and wanted to take part in. by the way i am not a linux user have not a clue what the ubuntu is about before. however, I hope, day by day i will learn more and be an excellent user :slight_smile:

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Hello World

I am new here. I applied for a web developer position at Canonical and I wanted to register here to generally see what is going on. So I am just following the registration process

Hello everyone.
My name is Chip. I’ve been using Linux on and off for most of the last 23 +some odd years. I’ve really enjoyed being a part several communities that coulees around all of the different Distributions and their off shoots.

print(“Hello, world!”)

My name is Kseniia and I am a new person here. I just applied for one of open entry roles in your company yesterday. So let me introduse myself.

I am a selflearner programmer. I am learning programming through different online courses and through Google. My favorite programming language is Python. I am using this language the most, but I also familiar with SQL and R. I am from Ukraine, but now I live in the US. I am a quick learner and I like to improve my skills all the time. I hope to be a part of your team and take my contribution in your company developing.

Hi All

I love this! And I’m so happy to join the community and learn so much here.
I recently applied for a Financial Analyst role and self studying Data Analysis as a step towards becoming more tech aware.
I have tens of completed courses with Connectwise and I have also previously studied beginner courses in
• Basics of Python, Time Series Analysis
-Python Project, Microsoft SQL,
• Machine Learning with R Studio – ML
Am super excited to join the team, I believe I can contribute a lot to the team and company.

Hello World! I am Peppe, I am writing to express my keen interest in one of the Product Marketing positions at Canonical. As a dynamic tech expert with a passion for cutting-edge technologies and a track record of successful product management, I am excited about the opportunity to join your team and contribute to Canonical’s mission of driving innovation through open source. I have been using linux for the past years, in the context of ultra-fast data processing for imaging technology in particle physics.
Feel free to reach out to get to know more about me and my background! Looking forward to connecting with you :slight_smile:

Hello Everyone ! My name is Jadah Clarke. I live in Arlington, VA, which is right outside of Washington DC. I am applying for an HR position with the Ubuntu project. I’d like to get to know more about it and I’d like to hear everyone’s perspectives about this project. I’d like to help everyone put forward their best work. If you have anything or exciting you’d like to share about Ubuntu please reply to this conversation. I am so excited to meet some of the contributors for Ubuntu!

I hope you all have a great week and keep up the hard work !