Hello, world!

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i’m forgotten maybe 3-4 years
interested in two sides: art and coding
i want make art/design and study in programming
*now started learning X,GTK,GNOME and glad to expirementing in web
push me plz to something interesting or usefull

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Hello World… I’m Jamie G.Cardinal. I am brand-spanking used up at my old job or, past Life-fa-fa… As of end of yesteryear, I am now a dedicated, mind-driven, open-minded,and completely focused on, “The Ubuntu Universe”… I am a person with a disability, well, I finally found out halfway through my lifespan, but i always had a knowing Iwas different… i just couldn’t see it then nor have i accepted… but tahts a differentstory… Timeis Ubunto, andrightnow… THIS IS ALL BRAND SPANKING NEW EVERYTHING… I only hope I can show my best forward and hopefully, maybe landing me an actual setting or place of origin in your,'UBUNTU UNIVERSE"… I literally started from scratch a year ago and already have a keen sense andidea of all the various components of study needed in Technology… Thanks for allowing me this beautiful opportunity and I dearly hopeIcan contribute asmuch as isneeded, but like i said, I too, am learning an abundance of newknowledge and opportunites just by contributing and understanding… I only see great minds and wonderful everything here… I Must Thank MY CREATOR fir this… and especially youtoo, Ubuntu… Hope I landme a job or blah blah… We have much to do…Carry on… Talk later… byeeeeeeee

Hi everyone, This is Ram Rajagopal. I applied for one of the positions at Canonical and found this forum interesting. I’ve been a linux user for a while but have not played with Ubuntu enough. Looking forward to learn more about the distribution and eventually make my own contirbutions :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi everyone!
I am new to here!

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