Hello Everyone!

Who are you? (Aka, what do you want us to call you?)
response: Khris the computer whisperer!

Where you are - it can be a place. It can be a state of mind. It can be ‘here, at my computer.’
response: There is no way to tell exactly, I’ve travelled into the unknown and will return 0 shortly

When did you start using Ubuntu? Are you a Fossa, a Xerus, a Heron, or even a Warthog?
response: Ubuntu 14 was my first setup and I had no clue what I was doing back then…

What do you want to do? Just learn more about the project and the community? QA test, translate, work on docs? Make artwork, host UbuntuOnAirs, create interpretive dances about release names?
response: I came here to ROCK and roll with the best of them. Future ROCKstar in the making! I’ve been building and using docker containers and images a lot in past work and now making my way over to the ROCK side.

How can we help you get started?
response: I’m interested in software and security mostly now-a-days but enjoy a good read of anything system or network related as well.

Good afternoon all,

Quick summary: long time fan and user of Ubuntu desktop and server, first time in the forums!! I’m a systems and network engineer turned software engineer hoping to grow my career here at Canonical! Feel free to reach out if interested in collaborating on a project or topic, I enjoy learning new things!


Happy to see new Rockstars in the making! We’d be happy to have you in the Rocks Community @zwrkstnz !

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