Hello! + an old Ubuntu memory from the CD shipping days

Hi everyone, it’s a pleasure to join this community.

I thought for my first post I’d reminisce a bit. I live in Dubai these days, but I was born in a developing country with near zero access to the outside world.

Tech was expensive, software was nearly non-existent. I was a developer but in such a small and isolated sphere that magazines were my only windows to the world. And I remember seeing an Ubuntu postcard in one magazine and sending it out.

The country barely had a postal service, and it took me forever to setup a PO Box. And I never expected to get anything in return. And then a few weeks later I get a couple of Ubuntu CDs. It would be very difficult to explain how good that felt, and how suddenly I felt connected to the world at large.

I want to say it was ubuntu 5.10. This would’ve been around 2005 I think.

A bit of a silly story I know, but an unforgettable moment for me, and it has shaped my opinion of Ubuntu in particular and open source software in general. Communities like this build beautiful things that touch more lives than you know.

Have a fantastic day everyone!


Welcome, Karl, and thank you for sharing your story!

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