Having "Yaru" as a Global Ubuntu Flavor Theme

Hello everyone,

I was doing my normal Ubuntu Cinnamon Work and decided instead of using the weird(ish) Linux Mint sounds for Cinnamon, since we are Ubuntu, use Ubuntu sounds.

The ones you’ll see used are the packages yaru-theme-sound and ubuntu-touch-sounds

Through this commit, I’m using those sounds in UCR now.

Then it sort of struck me.

Just like how here are other operating systems with DE spins-such as Manjaro, Fedora, etc.-I was thinking that we should use the “Yaru” theme or whatever Ubuntu uses, colorized, styled, and having versions made for all remixes/flavors.

However, it comes with tradeoffs that are really challenging.

So here is my idea.
DE Sounds: Yaru sounds will be fine for this.
DE Icons: My idea is to colorize the Yaru icons with the desired color of the spin and use that.

DE Theme: This is where things get complicated. For GTK themes, same as above-however:
For Qt desktops: Qt support will have to be added.
Some DE’s such as Cinnamon require their own special theming/part or support for theming: We will need to support those.
The above are at least for their spin.

That is actually essentially it. it is a lot of work and if we were to do this, it would take a lot of time and work. The benefits is that this shows how we are all unified as one and this still allows for spins to customize their parts of the desktop and wallpapers, while keeping their chosen themes.

Although it would be easier to start with things such as unified wallpapers (like this and such), I think we should save that as a story for another time. So all I can ask of you of this crazy idea is: What do you think.


Certainly different from you. Making a package available and forcing it on users are 2 different things. DEs and flavours exist for a reason. Each one has its own personality and identity.


I keep nagging @Wimpress to bring this to Mate, and he keeps telling me it is “Coming Soon™”. I’m going to hold my breath until it happens!

Yaru Green Theme? You can use Ubuntu MATE Color Generator on the Yaru themes for that, they are making steps in the right direction.

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As being similar to Manjaro:
Manjaro spins/Fedora spins have the same wallpaper for example-I think if we do something similar like having same Ubuntu sounds or colored variants of the Ubuntu flame for each of the flavors it’d show unity.

A lot of people at GNOME is saying the same. Which is, use the default while using GNOME DE.

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I definitely would welcome Yaru theme on Plasma. I love it as much as Breeze.

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A Kubuntu-colorized version of Yaru* that’s the idea

Well, there is already an actively maintained project called Yaru Colors. It supports GTK 2/3 and Unity.

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Yeah-that would work. The idea is that Yaru Colors and Yaru’s Sound Theme would be used flavor-wide, color toned to their spin.