Have I found my SSD's device ID?

I’m trying to set up encryption for an external SSD (well, for a pair of SSDs) to back up my personal data. I’m a Linux novice so I’ve been doing some reading on the topic and it sounds like using cryptsetup with LUKS mode is a good way for me to do this. Because I’m new at this and I want to make sure I have usable backups, I want to triple-check everything before actually loading and encrypting my external drives.

It looks like I will need to know the “device id” for each respective drive in order to target it with cryptsetup. I’ve run lsusb and it tells me the following about the external drive:

"Bus 001 Device 010: ID 1058:25e1 Western Digital Technologies, Inc. "

Does this look right? Is “1058:25e1” the device ID I’m looking for?


Seems like you are seeking assistance more than a discussion about Ubuntu development.

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