Hash sum mismatch when apt-get update Ubuntu 20.04 VM with Multipass

Hi there,

I have trouble with apt/apt-get update or install on Ubuntu 20.04 instances, older versions work fine.
What could be the problem?

See my question detailed here:



Hi @bettinabenli,

This isn’t something that Multipass normally has bearing on. The instance reaches out to the archive directly. You could try using a different mirror:

$ multipass launch --cloud-init - <<EOF
  - arches: [default]
    uri: <your mirror here>

When you wget/curl the files that fail the hash check, do they have the right contents?

Hi saviq,

Thanks for the answer. As I work on Windows 10 I have stucked to figure out the codea I needed but I will defenetly give a try.

However I got some answer on Stackoverflow too, which says apt uses sha256 method optimized too much so code which denied it gave me the outbreak. What is intristing for me why I have problem only with the new 20.04 realse?

And for those who stucked with the same issue:

sudo su -
mkdir /etc/gcrypt
echo all >> /etc/gcrypt/hwf.deny
apt-get update
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