Has Ubuntu dock/Dash to dock stopped working in 19.04?

Has Ubuntu dock/Dash to dock stopped working in 19.04 with Gnome shell 3.31.92? Maybe it is a temporary matter, until the extension is updated.

That’s a bug so please discuss it in https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1819086 and not here.


Good to know it is just a bug.

In that link you gave (bug), it tells that, if one for some reason, installs D2D, the whole stuff breaks. It also opens a thought; what might happen, if micheleg suddenly stops developing this extension.

Your are using a development daily iso. That’s what those Isos are for, find issues and report them. Not to be fancy on the bleeding edge.

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That’s what I always do. More than a decade. Not worried much about breakages. Have few 'buntus derivatives (somewhat tweaked) and one O’buntu.

Went through whole lot of bug reports. There’s only 2 on D2D/Ubuntu dock on 19.04. None solved. For, it’d get resolved, when micheleg updates it.

Do you use 19.04 on daily basis? I do. 5 different ones. And, they are the only 'buntus I have.
Upgrade yours to gnome shell 3.31.92 and check.

I have removed the Ubuntu dock extension then rebooted the pc and it is working again.
(sudo apt remove gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock)