Guidance for communicating with Multipass daemon

Hello friends, I want to write a golang module to interact with the Multipass daemon via grpc, is this currently possible?

Hey, @minhio! I would say that it’s not impossible rather than it’s possible. What I mean is that we have a proto file which you can find here, but we don’t make any guarantees about backwards compatibility and we have actually introduced several breaking changes over time, since it’s not meant to be a public API. So your package might break with a new Multipass release. Furthermore, you would also have to deal with authentication, which implies creating a certificate for your client and authenticating it with the daemon using its set passphrase.
If you are okay with dealing with these caveats, then I encourage you to give it a try :slight_smile:

@andreitoterman Thank you for the reply! Without a stable public API, it might not be worth it from a maintenance perspective. Would definitely be cool to have a public API though, might open up avenues for new multipass-based product ideas and whatnot.