Groovy Gorilla - Mascot & Wallpapers

Hello all,

You may have read on OMG! Ubuntu! that the Groovy Gorilla mascot was recently revealed :eyes: The merge proposals that add the new mascot and wallpapers to Ubuntu Groovy Gorilla, which will become 20.10 later this month, are in progress :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is our Groovy :dark_sunglasses: Gorilla :gorilla:

Fresh from the Canonical design team is a collection of Groovy Gorilla wallpapers in a variety of resolutions, colours and greyscale, plus a mascot only SVG. I look forward to seeing what the Ubuntu flavour teams and community are able to create using these art assets :paintbrush: :art:

Have fun!


I call him King Kong !

I’m gonna have so much fun with these wallpapers



This is what I did with the mascot-files

  • the default style but in blue colors:

  • the no-shades wallpaper:

EDIT: made the gorilla look little subtle


holy shit, you made it more ugly now
it doesn’t look subtle at all (gorilla is in my face)

Awesome! It’s time to get Groovy! With that being said, here is the Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 20.10 Groovy Gorilla Wallpaper. Time to head back to the Bronze Age!


A small modification from me :slight_smile:


Working on a 3D version


LIght-blue variant I’m using as well

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One more - nice bold blue

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Ubuntu MATE Groovy


These should all be on Instagram or something. I’d love a feed of brilliant Ubuntu artwork.

And thanks Martin for posting this for yet another release. These assets really help the community join in on the fun.

This one’s nice !

For some reason, I just don’t like the default wallpaper at all! It’s so weird.

Hi everyone! I am kinda a artist and would also like to contribute to some of these artworks and wallpapers, So I wanted to ask how long these threads last for?
thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hello! It’s great to have more artists here! So Hirsute Hippo is our newest release, and you can see some of the community contributions here, and contribute your own! We will have another release coming in October, Impish Indri, and we will be relaunching our community wallpaper competition! But even if you just want to post artwork in a non-competition way, we are always happy to have more artists and will be having some artwork related online events soon!