(Groovy Desktop/VM) Multiple Bridges on One Physical Interface

Hey there,

I’m interested in running more of my test deployments on my Groovy workstation, as it’s of a decent spec to support containers and VMs.

As part of this I think I need a non-trivial network setup, to suit my workstation environment. I have an untagged LAN for general traffic and a tagged VLAN for development work. My workstation would need to have a bridge (necessary for KVM and containers) that is on the tagged VLAN, using the physical interface. The physical interface also has connectivity on it’s own on the untagged LAN. I have in the past accomplished this on servers with Netplan/Networkd, but NetworkManager on a desktop I gather has some limitations in this area. Am I better off keeping this work off my desktop, or is there some clarity to be gained on slightly more complex interface configurations?

I am currently using nm-connection-editor to set this up, but would welcome suggestions for another tool to do this if one exists. Also feel free to tell me that I’m mad and doing it totally wrong. :slight_smile: