Graphics team

Who heads the graphics team for Desktop ? Any chance we can meet the person in charge here ?

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What do you mean by “graphics team”?

People who work on creating PNG, JPG, SVG etc for use inside OS.

It really depends. Most icons and such like come from upstream projects like GNOME, Firefox. What, specifically are you after?

I can do a bit of graphic designing. I was hoping to help the graphics team.

On which Desktop Environment?
If you’re not sure, then pick one, and start exploring that Ubuntu Team and the Upstreams.

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I have not planned anything. I thought that there will be a dedicated team who will deal with graphics requirements in Ubuntu.

You can certainly contribute. The best way to get noticed by the people with the power to get your work included in Ubuntu is to create bugs for each issue. Make sure the bugs are assigned to the correct projects or else the right people won’t see them (very important!). Also consider adding a second task for project ‘ubuntu-ux’ to the top of each bug.