Google Code-in 2019

Google have announced that Code-in will commence on 2nd December. We have previously participated both as Ubuntu and under the Snapcraft banner.

Do we - Ubuntu & flavours - want to participate? It’s quite a bit of work, and we’ll need plenty of people involved who work directly on the project to prepare an application, and run it through the duration.

I’m also posting separately to the Snapcraft discourse, as I think that if either set of teams which to apply, it should be as two separate orgs.

From the announcement:

The GCI timeline, FAQs, Rules and flyers have been updated on the contest site.

Organizations – If you would like to apply for the 2019 program please start thinking about the tasks you would like students to work on and reach out to your community members to ask if they would like to be mentors for the program. Organization applications open for GCI orgs on Thursday, October 10th, and close 2.5 weeks later on Monday, October 28th. We will announce organizations on Tuesday, October 29th, giving orgs 5 weeks to create their tasks before the contest begins on December 2nd.

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As a veteran mentor, you can count me in. For that matter, you can count Lubuntu in; I’ll rally the troops and have a whole plethora of tasks all fairly well organized already.

I do remember that after having a rather long history of participating in GCI, Ubuntu’s involvement seemed to end with the separation application from Snapcraft. Given that snapd is a natural part of all the flavors, why separate it out?