GNOME To Do installed by default now!

GNOME To Do was added upstream to “GNOME Core” in 3.26. The Ubuntu Desktop Team is happy to announce that it is now installed by default on Ubuntu 18.04 Alpha.

Also new in today’s default install is the Noto Color Emoji font (that’s the default color emoji font in the latest “stock” Android devices like the Google Pixel). Accompanying it, GNOME Characters app has replaced the older Character Map app. This completes the new color emoji feature.

All of these changes are available in today’s daily ISO and the new packages should be installed automatically upon upgrading.

Please give these apps a try and file bugs if you notice any issues. Thanks!


If you are already running daily builds, will GNOME To Do get install via an update or will it need to installed separately?

You should have it already. Update!

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Great! Any news on replacing Shotwell with Gnome Photos? This was blocked for 17.10 because of its dependency to tracker, but the tracker feedback seems generally positive…?

@merlijn-sebrechts maybe it would be better for you to open a new thread for discussion about GNOME Photos to keep this thread more on topic. :smiley: