Gnome-shell process

I don’t know if it’s a bug, or if it’s the right place to discuss this, in case you let me know and move on.
Recently a user reported this problem to me, at the first installation of Ubuntu 20.04 by giving the command “ss -stp” the system is found (checked also me and I also find it that way) that constantly communicates in" estabilished “with” users: ((“gnome-shell”, pid = 3800, fd = 34)) ".
It has no active data diagnostics.
If the process ends, obviously the desktop ends. Do you by any chance know why gnome-shell activates this process on the system?

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Looks like it’s one of the hosts for which I suspect GNOME Shell is checking in with to look for updates.

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Thank you for answering

A reverse lookup suggests to me it is a GNOME site of some sort but not conclusively extensions… This is something we should investigate and understand because not everyone will want such communication even if it is innocent. Please report a bug (from an affected machine) by running:

ubuntu-bug gnome-shell

Done. Thank you