GNOME Shell overview stuck on

I’m starting to suspect there is a bug in GNOME Shell where the overview occasionally gets “stuck”. No key press or widget click will exit the overview mode. I have to log out and log back in. Launching new windows still works, but the window immediately gets arranged into the overview.

I first noticed this behavior when I tried out the Pop!_OS 21.04 beta, and dismissed it as a bug in the beta. But now I’ve seen it twice in Ubuntu 21.04 proper. Has anyone else noticed this behavior?

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You can run ubuntu-bug gnome-shell to report the issue. People can then mark themselves as affected or not on Launchpad.

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Can confirm that I have also encountered this issue in 21.04. Also, I have never experienced anything similar in the previous releases, so it looks to be a new issue in 21.04.
@spc, if you report the issue on Launchpad as @rs2009 recommends, please cite the link to the new bug ticket here.
Just a tiny workaround: instead of logging out and logging back in, you can press Alt+F2, type ‘r’ in the invoked command line and press Enter. This restarts GNOME Shell. In my case, it helped.

I guess, here is the issue ticket:


Nice find on the bug link. That’s exactly the behavior I’m seeing.

I can’t restart the shell. I’m using the wayland session (by default). :slight_smile:

Been running Gnome on Wayland on Hirsute for quite some time now, never happened here… (Upgraded Mesa though)

Oh yes, right. Sorry, I forgot that the restart doesn’t work on Wayland. Indeed, I use Xorg session.

People are reporting this bug with focal as well.

No they’re not as far as I can see. Anyone using 21.04 should use bug 1922353. Anyone using 20.04 should open a new bug by running:

ubuntu-bug gnome-shell

The issue(s) shouldn’t really be discussed here any further.

And anyone using PopOS shouldn’t report the problem to Ubuntu at all, because PopOS does not use Ubuntu packages.