GNOME Shell 41 in Ubuntu 22.04

You might have noticed that GNOME Shell 41 arrived in Ubuntu 22.04 last week. Thanks @3v1n0!

Aside from the official features, mutter 41.2 has enabled support for NVIDIA’s GBM backend. This means the NVIDIA driver (495 and later) now uses the same code path for Wayland sessions as the open source graphics drivers do.

You can tell which path is being used by checking the output of journalctl -b0

NVIDIA 470.86 (EGLStreams):

gnome-shell[]: Created egldevice renderer for '/dev/dri/card0'

NVIDIA 495.46 (GBM):

gnome-shell[]: Created gbm renderer for '/dev/dri/card0'


Maybe xwayland-22.1 would be useful?

(I had to add some new dependencies when building it… libxcb-xinput-dev x11-xkb-utils )

You will need Xwayland 21.1.2 or later for apps to work properly, but Ubuntu 21.10 already has that.

Xwayland 22 looks like it just adds new features, nothing important as 21.1.2 was.

Ah and was backported to 21.1.4 …