Gnome-Music Can't be Selected as Default

Not specifically Ubuntu’s issue as I’ve notice this problem on Debian’s Gnome version as well. I find it frustrating that in the Gnome Desktop Environment, one can’t select the projects own music player as the default audio player! Yes … It’s installed. :neutral_face:
It doesn’t even show up when using the ‘find application’ feature in the dialogue box shown in screengrab.
Excuse my french, but WTF! It’s madness I say …

I believe that’s because GNOME Music doesn’t yet allow playing arbitrary music files. It only lets you play music that has been indexed by tracker. I think this is one of the major reasons why both Fedora and Ubuntu use Rhythmbox by default instead of the GNOME Music app.


I see, well that clears things up, Jeremy - Wonder why bother with another music application if it’s not incorporated into the DE? Seems a little strange being that it’s a Gnome app too.

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