Gnome-control-center, unity-control-center and updating version numbers

One of the developers had mentioned to me that we should look at what gnome-control-center is doing and copy to unity-control-center so we don’t have to manually update the version numbers. I don’t mind doing the extra work but maybe the dev has a point?

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In unity-control-center, everything right in front of you to see, no need to go up and down searching for a setting to change. After all, we do all that changes practically only once, when we first boot into the installation. Maybe, once again, when we buy a new printer. Is there a reason to change everything to look like Gnome? Isn’t it easier to change the version number, once in 6 months or so?

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I quite like Gnome’s control centre, but tbh Unity’s works just fine. Wouldn’t touch it.

I would rather think about modernising the way Unity in general looks: the dash is looking rather dated and so does ambiance. Perhaps we can adopt Yaru if we can get a Unity shell theme on it?