Gnome Backup Utility - Deja-Dup Working For You?

Anyone else having issues with the backup software in the past week or so? If so, please file a bug via email to: I’ve filed mine, but others should to. This is for the snap version!

The post here is a bit weird, as upstream replied on their mailing list bugs should be opened there

Please don’t start using discourse as a place to report individual issues, also recommending others to email the upstream list rather than opening bug reports seems the wrong advice

Yes he replied after I posted, but there wasn’t any indication on the Snap Store where to file bugs. Filing bug report for snaps seems to be all over the place.
Also, an important issue regarding snaps is there doesn’t seem to be any logfile generated when they throw errors. That’s what I ran into with this issue! And the damn snap doesn’t even throw up any toast messages when it didn’t run! That’s the case with all snaps it seems. I only found out by accident that it hadn’t run for 4 days in a row, when I manually opened it to change the run occurrence!

That’s all I want to say.