Gnome 44.1

I am a full-time Ubuntu user, and for us who play games, gnome 44.0 has been very buggy, some games can’t even go full screen - crashes immediately. I read on some games’ forums that the gnome 44.1 update fixes the problem, so I am wondering if will this be addressed. Can we expect 44.1 to land in Ubuntu 23.04?

Thank you!


Thanks I recently experienced this issue with the new Steam snap that works great, when launch games in full screen the game crashes, I didn’t realize that was a Gnome problem I thought was the Steam snap.

This is bad for gaming :frowning:

A couple of threads from the game I play. For me, on Gnome 44.0 this issue is present, too. DavinciResolve also seems to struggle when going full screen, with a lot of flickering, which is not present in windowed mode.

The last fortnight of desktop team meeting notes don’t refer to any plans to bring 44.1 to Ubuntu 23.04.
Some kind of update would be nice.

Well, Gnome xx.1 was always ported to Ubuntu. I guess the update will arrive at the end of May (judging by older Ubuntu releases) or the beginning of June. Maybe there can be a faster distro patch for this issue before.

The team just finished travelling for meetings and also some vacations, so that’s why 44.1 is a little late.

As always, please report all crashes as launchpad bugs. And more details are here.


Hello folks, has anyone heard when 44.1 will be available in Ubuntu 23.04 or backports?

It’s in proposed, undergoing testing right now:


Thanks. I have lunar-proposed enabled, but it is not showing up. Any idea how to get it? I don’t care if it is ‘unstable’, it can’t possibly be any worse than 44.0.

  • Last week’s gtk4 update for Ubuntu 23.04 finished verification and is rolling out in updates now. This was a blocker for GNOME Shell 44.1 which should be released as an update in a few days if there are no other issues.

From their Monday desktop team updates, it seems we won’t have to wait long now.

The behavior of proposed changed in Ubuntu 23.04. The documentation hasn’t been updated for how to explicitly install things from proposed. In this particular case, this command seemed to work for me.

sudo apt install gnome-shell/lunar gnome-shell-extension-prefs/lunar --only-upgrade


GNOME Shell 44.1 has been released as an update to Ubuntu 23.04. It will take a couple days for it to reach everyone because of phased updates.