[gnome 40] an option for the choice of session at startup

Gnome 40 logs into the activity/overview view. (but there is no activity at logon). The interest is to have the dock active as soon as the computer starts up with an empty desktop.

As the dock is on the ubuntu desktop and ubuntu has a real usable desktop where you can have icons, docs on it, do you think that it is possible/interesting to have an option allowing us to choose if we want the ubuntu session to be opened on the desktop or on the activities view?

Thank you for your attention.


A good point. This issue has already been discussed on the GNOME discourse:

GNOME 40 login is to the activities/overview mode, how do you disable this?

The GNOME developers seem to be strongly against implementing this as a standard option of GNOME Shell. So I don’t think there is a single chance on having this functionality upstream. Still, there already is an extension for this:

GNOME Extensions: No overview at start-up


The issue has been raised in the recent Indaba.

Maybe it’s worth implementing this option into one of the standard preinstalled Ubuntu extensions, say DtD?..