GNOME 3.32 performance (Ubuntu 19.04)

As you may have read, GNOME 3.32 has been released and with it performance improvements in gnome-shell and mutter. This is all in Ubuntu 19.04 which is due for release in April.

However I would like to clarify a few things…

:ballot_box_with_check: 3.32 includes these performance improvements:

:x: 3.32 does not include these:


I will say on ryzen system its a lot smoother than previous version of gnome 3 and evenly smoother kde and mate. I notice my system is snappy without problem drivers are up to date for my amd gpu and my other system is a lot better too as well.

Nice job! Thank you very much. I can notice the difference.

Yes the new Mesa stack helps with AMD/ATi GPU (which my laptop has). Great release.

The cursor movement patch is the one that I would love to see soon.

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This is great to see. I’ve been hoping for Gnome performance improvements for some time. It was great to see the work put into Gnome 3.32.

I’m curious, the list of outstanding items that didn’t make it into 3.32, while those potentially be backported to 19.04 as they are fixed? And, if what kind of time frame would that entail? I’d love to continue to get the benefits of this performance tuning without having to wait for Gnome 3.34.

Wishful thinking, perhaps. Great work thus far though. Thank you.

We are already backporting performance fixes to stable Ubuntu releases as those fixes mature.

However, at the moment there are no newer performance fixes that have landed in 3.34 yet that would need backporting to 3.32 for Ubuntu 19.04. I do expect and hope that 3.34 will perform noticeably better than 3.32 in the end.


Awesome!! Thank you. I’m really enjoying using 19.04.

Same here, great work made on 3.32. Performance still tanks though on multimonitor setups, janky animations and whatnot. I know work is ongoing on alleviating these issues, but how close to completion is it I wonder?

There is a lot of performance work in progress, and planned. In fact I will be in a hurry to get it all into Ubuntu 20.04 by next year.

As significant milestones are met, they will be announced on this site. Most likely in the weekly desktop status reports.

If you want to track the long term progress then you can follow these pages:
[ stutter | latency | CPU ]


Superb, this is great to hear. Really appreciate all the work you’re doing on Gnome @vanvugt. Thank you.


Gnome 3.32 is ok but stop snap please ! deb package is better.

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