Gnome 3.30 for Ubuntu 18.04

Hi guys,
I am new to Ubuntu and I have installed the newest LTS (18.04) on a i7 / 16GB RAM. It runs very smooth with Unity, but Gnome 3.28.3 is very slow and laggy! I would like to upgrade to the newest Gnome 3.30, cause I heard its faster. How can I do it? I can’t find it anywhere, but I am sure it is available, cause 18.04 will be supported for the next 10 years I heard. Could you please help me with a link to the ppa or the deb, snap or something else.
Many thanks in advance!

This is probably not appropriate for this forum but if you want to upgrade GNOME Shell you should probably just upgrade to Ubuntu 18.10 (in my opinion) - you can do this by opening Software & Updates, going to the Updates tab, changing Notify me of a new Ubuntu version to For any new version, then running update-manager -c in Terminal. It’s safest to upgrade Ubuntu to be able to get the latest software (if you can’t get it via snap/Flatpak/AppImage) because adding a PPA may upgrade underlying dependencies and cause other breakage/problems on your system. Make sure you backup (perhaps with the Backups app to a USB stick, excluding any folders you don’t need) before upgrading, and make an Ubuntu 18.10 USB just in case anything goes wrong.

Thank you for the feedback, but 18.10 is not an option. It is supported for the next 7-8 month(?), then no more security updates will be provided. 18.04 on the other hand should be supported for the next 10 years! And all the software vendors pack their software for the LTS version, so why should I use 18.10? For testing purposes, OK fine, but will all the cool new features, which were tested in 18.10, be implemented into 18.04? If no, I don’t get the logic of this…

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t 18.04.2 going to be getting those performance patches back-ported?

There is no current indication that 18.04 will get support for normal individual desktop users past 5 years. Any website reporting 10 yrs. as a fact is wrong…
While a live session can run a bit faster than an actual install you could try 18.10 in a live session to see if it’s better than 18.04.
Anyone using 18.10 will then go to 19.04 > 19.10 > 20.04

Closing - please decide if you wish to file a bug report for “slow and laggy”, of if you simply want support help to troubleshoot it.

The support gurus in our support venues are awaiting your support question.

Unfortunately, this is not the right place for support. Sorry.

Since Gnome 3.30 is not yet in the Ubuntu repositories, it is unsupported. If you wish to install unsupported software, you are on your own. We wish you good fortune with your endeavour.

Were you offering to package Gnome 3.30 for Ubuntu, or offering useful testing feedback to developers, or coordinating efforts for development, those would be appropriate activities for here.