GNOME 3.30.2 updates as SRUs to cosmic?

Hey there,

Our version tracking doesn’t have a “stable serie” report at the moment and it’s a bit difficult to use the report to see what updates need to be done/SRUed, maybe an hub topic would work better for that?

Those components have updates and might be worth SRUing

  • evolution stack
  • evince
  • gnome-software
  • gvfs
  • orca
  • gnome-builder
  • gnome-maps
  • dconf-editor

Those have been uploaded

  • gedit

Those updates don’t need to be SRUed

  • gnome-disk-utility (translations update only, we can upload those directly to launchpad if want/if we plan a langpack refresh, no need of a source package upload/build/testing)
  • libsoup2.4 (one test fix and a translation update)
  • gnome-session (translations & one debug env tweak)

If you have updates to add or you want to claim please edit/comment

Speaking of language updates: my dash to dock right click menus are currently not translated (to german).

Could you report a bug on