GNOME 3.28 Status

Ubuntu 18.04 already has many beta versions of GNOME 3.28 components. Here’s a topic to discuss the status of more complicated pieces.

Done: gnome-desktop3

This was stuck in bionic because of these issues:

  • glib autopkgtest issue with dbus-test-runner
  • NetworkManager 1.10 autopkgtest regression
  • libglvnd MIR (also needs some NVIDIA packages updated) and mesa transition
  • Unity fails to build
  • LibreOffice autopkgtests (could be ignored here if the other issues are resolved)

Done: evolution-data-server

This is just waiting for the gnome-desktop3 transition to complete. However, we’ll probably start it next week anyway to get it started before 18.04 Feature Freeze.

Done: mutter/gnome-shell/gnome-settings-daemon

The mutter/gnome-shell transition is almost ready LP: #1751070

Since a major point of the new gnome-settings-daemon release is to drop a plugin that is now implemented in Mutter, it doesn’t make much sense to me to update gnome-settings-daemon until we will also update mutter.

gnome-settings-daemon has a mini transition needed for that dropped plugin. (Basically, the plugin has to be removed from RequiredComponents for various packages’ gnome-session files.)

The new GNOME Shell includes a new embedded virtual keyboard instead of Caribou.

Unfortunately, the new GNOME Shell hasn’t gotten much testing yet since it’s difficult for bleeding edge users and distros to use it without release tarballs.

Done: gnome-session

Ubuntu has revert patches to keep the gnome-session-properties app that GNOME dropped a few years ago. Those patches need to be updated for meson. Except for that, the rest of the package is in the GNOME3 Staging PPA.

Done: gnome-control-center

LP: #1750174

Cantarell font

LP: #1750254

Done: GNOME Builder app

The revert PCRE2 patches needs to be updated or we’ll stay with 3.26 for 18.04 LTS.

Done: GNOME Calendar

Blocked by libdazzle MIR

GNOME Files (nautilus)

As announced, we are sticking with Nautilus 3.26 for 18.04.

Done: GNOME Games app

This is blocked on the maintainer deciding how to name the libmanette library. Once that’s settled, libmanette will need to clear the NEW queue and retro-gtk will need to clear binary NEW.

Done: GNOME Photos

Blocked because of gegl test failure on armhf
Blocked because of autopkgtest issue


Since nothing uses it and to avoid confusion by having a pre-release version of gtk4 in the LTS, this will be removed from 18.04 before release. gtk4 could probably be maintained in a PPA.


Regression: woff2 font support need the brotli and woff2 MIRs to be approved.


yelp, yelp-xsl and yelp-tools

yelp-xsl changed incompatibly. We could update to the new versions, but it causes more work for the Ubuntu Docs Team since the stylesheets used for will need to be updated or the Docs Team will need to use an older version of yelp-xsl to build that documentation.

The stylesheet issue shouldn’t affect desktop users (Yelp) directly at all.


Done: Flatpak

Stay with the 0.10 LTS series?

Done: gstreamer

Update to 1.13 Beta in preparation for 1.14?


New version requires rustc so we’ll stick with the older version for 18.04 LTS.


Blocked on library name issue. Packaging is in Debian git.

Done: udisks2

Blocked by libblockdev MIR
Blocked by autopkgtest issue

Other Trackers

Ubuntu Desktop Versions

Debian GNOME 3.28 Tracker (Only tracks GNOME Core, not all the apps that are associated with GNOME)

edited Feb 19 to add librsvg and gnome-photos
edited Feb 24 to mark webkit2gtk as regressed (not blocked) and gnome-shell as almost ready. Pipewire has new blocker. Other minor edits.
edited Mar 15 to mark many items as done
edited Mar 22 to mark more items as done
edited Mar 26 to mark Builder as done
edited Mar 27 to mark Photos as done


Be happy to do testing of 3.27(8) packages, if you provide the address of the staging ppa. The one I found via DDG, said it is discontinued past Ubuntu 17.10.

I think you read the description backwards. The GNOME3 Staging PPA is not supported on releases before 17.10.

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:man_facepalming: I sure did! Note to self: ‘Older’ means prior.

Side note: Fixes that we were expecting in Gnome/Mutter 3.26.3 are also fixed in 3.28. So here are some of the bugs that will be closed by releasing either:

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I filed a patch at bug 793597.

I would be conservative on this and stick with 1.12 IMO. The first 1.13 was only out a few days ago and we don’t know for sure when 1.14 will be out.

Do you want to discuss this? Maybe explain the issue if so?

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Pipewire has a lot of libraries and I don’t know if we want separate binary packages for all of them. And if not, what they should be named.


I think we’ll need to at least split off
because it can’t be in main (and we’ll eventually need Pipewire in main, possibly even for 18.10 if we switch back to Wayland then because Pipewire is needed for the experimental remote desktop support there).

upstream says it should be in March, so probably it’s fine in that respect.

Although MP3 support has moved to -good and we didn’t yet agree if we can include these in main in Ubuntu AFAIK.

If this is recommended by Larsson (which it kinda is, iirc) then fair enough, otherwise it should be SRU’d regularly like snapd though I know that’s effort! :slight_smile: (See the GitHub Issue to be reminded of my cringeworthy pestering on this issue)

@ads20000 Flatpak is in universe, so it’s generally up to community volunteers, not Canonical, to provide SRUs.

But for the Flatpak version question, let’s ping @kenvandine.

If udisks2 is getting a new build then maybe take a moment to review the logic (or lack thereof) of marking all files on or copied from ntfs volumes as exectuable.

Right, upstream said on IRC that they would be ABI/API frozen by the Ubuntu feature freeze and they plan to roll corresponding tarballs.

On the mp3/legal front that is being investigated again so hopefully we get a status update on that this week

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Nice, if it’s useful Fedora considers decoding and encoding to be OK now

Webkit can be built without those libraries (and without woff2), that’s one option if we want to unblock the corresponding updates, the feature can then be turned back on later once the MIRs are done.


What about gnome-settings-daemon-3.27.x ? Will it be included in bionic cycle if mutter gets updated? I don’t see a MIR for that.

Gtk-4 is in universe. So why do you need to remove it from the archive when debian will have it?

@khurshid-alam Thanks for your comments.

I consider mutter/gnome-shell/gnome-settings-daemon to be all one transition. I intend to file a bug when the packaging is ready. [MIR is for Main Inclusion and it’s needed here since all the packages are already in main.]

gtk4 is in Debian experimental, which is roughly equivalent to Ubuntu PPA status. I’ve heard that gtk 4.0 might be released later this year but it definitely will not happen before Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is released.

I updated the original post. gnome-shell 3.27 is available for testing in the GNOME3 Staging PPA.

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I am looking into the gnome-session 3.28 update.

Do we want to keep the gnome-session-properties app? That allows for users to manage the startup apps. Obviously similar functionality is included in gnome-tweaks, but it is not seeded. This app was dropped upstream, quite a while ago and results in quite a large quilt patch delta. It would need to be ported to meson, as it stands or otherwise split out into its own repo.

I don’t think much if anything has been done to maintain this tool though after we reverted it? It would need to be ported to meson, as it stands or otherwise split out into its own repo, which may be easier to maintain assuming it is wanted to keep it.

JBicha, can you upload a snapshot of the nautilus 3.26 branch to Bionic? I don’t think that any further fixes will go into that branch before 3.26.3 is tagged.

Or do you plan to stay on 3.26.0?

The patch is large because it simply adds bunch of files which were removed completely including some png/svg files. The rest of changes it does to the original code is pretty small (only modifying makefiles). Splitting into own repo is good idea but I think it should be done in Debian than in Ubuntu.