GitHub repository

I’ve just updated the on the GitHub repository, primarily to add details about what our labels mean and what projects are likely to be involved at this early stage.

A few unresolved points about this:

  • The introduction to the Academy could probably be tweaked. This isn’t urgent, but it doesn’t feel particularly welcoming or friendly at the moment. The repository isn’t perhaps the best place for this, but a welcoming introduction will help people going there directly or stumbling on the repo.
  • The labels are currently described under headings. This takes a lot of space, but I’m guessing we could add more details to each label as we get a better idea of what’s involved. Maybe a short index to labels could help, plus expanded descriptions for the labels themselves.
  • The same is also true of the projects currently involved. This is only really a list with a link to the documentation for each project, but the descriptions could benefit from the types of user we know use those projects/products, plus a more detailed overview of how the documentation currently works, where its hosted, who is responsible for what.
  • We could also make it clearer that we’re happy to have issues and projects suggested by the community. There’s an ocean of Ubuntu projects out there.

As ever, we’re happy to take suggestions and make changes - we really want this to be a community effort. Suggestions and changes could even be submitted as tasks themselves, such as any of the points above (I may do just that!)