Getting Involved in Mir

Getting Involved in Mir

Getting involved

The best places to ask questions and discuss the Mir project are
the Mir topic in the Ubuntu Community and the #ubuntu-mir IRC channel on freenode.

The Mir project is hosted on GitHub:

Building Mir

These instructions assume that you’re using Ubuntu 16.04LTS or later, I’ve not
earlier Ubuntu versions or other distributions.

You’ll need a few development and utility packages installed, along with the
Mir graphics drivers:

$ sudo apt install devscripts equivs git
$ sudo apt install mir-graphics-drivers-desktop

With these installed you can checkout and build Mir:

$ git clone
$ sudo mk-build-deps -i mir/debian/control
$ mkdir mir/build
$ cd  mir/build
$ cmake ..
$ make

This creates an example shell (miral-shell) in the bin directory. This can be
run directly:

$ bin/miral-shell

With the default options this runs in a window on X (which is convenient for

The miral-shell example is simple, don’t expect to see a sophisticated launcher
by default. You can start mir apps from the command-line. For example:

$ bin/miral-run gnome-terminal

To exit from miral-shell press Ctrl-Alt-BkSp.

You can install the Mir examples, headers and libraries you’ve built with:

$ sudo make install

Contributing to Mir

Mir welcomes pull requests on GitHub!

We maintain a list of issues good for new contributors and also a list of issues we probably won’t get to in the near future but that we’d be particularly happy to mentor pull requests for.

Please file bug reports at:


Thanks! The build instructions where helpful.

I got some apt conflicts with the Nvidia drivers so if anyone else have problems running mk-build-deps, upgrade your Nvidia driver with sudo apt install libnvidia-egl-wayland1 nvidia-driver-418.
(libnvidia-egl-wayland1 was the conflicting package so I installed it manually with the new drivers to make sure it actually solved all conflicts)