Getting global menu back

Thanks for the explanation. Its good to hear from someone, who actually can create a useful feature.

I can hear them selling that idea to those, who use this file manager.

Talking about swimming against the river flow, it is more like the Ubuntu developers are swimming against it, rather than the users. I don’t think Apple would drop Mac OS’s “top menu bar” in near or far future.

The GNOME HIG is what is swimming against the river flow in Linux, because the GNOME HIG is what break the whole Linux applications ecosystem, while this also can not be used to represent the GNOME own applications (for example: GIMP). Let me said that because is funny. Gtk (The GIMP toolkit) was created by GNOME, but we can not apply the HIG of GNOME to GIMP. This is for me like the equivalent of trample to myself.

So, to me follow the GNOME HIG seem to be a not good idea, specially if you are creating a general applications that will try to run in much platforms as possible.


Well, GIMP is serious software, which is used everywhere, in Windows and in OSX. Nautilus is not and I don’t want to use it, maybe Nemo, the fork. I don’t want to use Gnome too, so would be moving out of Ubuntu, when Unity would stop working. That’s after nearly 15 years – stopping swimming against the flow. :slight_smile: Move to Arch, most probably. And, to Windows 10. I can install practically any DE on Arch. And, no one is going to push their settings on you – more like the Linux way.

I really dislike current Gnome, so I switched to Ubuntu Mate, the Mutiny layout makes me feel at home, I hope you enjoy it too.

I’ve tried other new distros like Manjaro, Clear Linux, and had been a Red Hat and Debian user since long time ago, I still feel Ubuntu is the best one for me.

I hope one day I could contribute to/write code for Ubuntu Mate, make it last forever, so that I won’t have to feel painful about losing something like Unity, suffer from Gnome.

Wish the Dash in Mutiny layout can be resized. I hate it being full screen, especially since the headers look so small in comparison, and that the spacing between icons are big.

Wish it looks more like Plasma.

If some one want to know, here you can read about the current GNOME designers vision of the menubar. Read it in the comments session and all faster you can, because before you finish reading it they can have another different idea. The user workflow is not something to care about for the GNOME designers, so why not change it again and again?


While it is good to have ideas, different ideas, one must start living outside one’s box (or cellar), surrounded by monitors.

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Yes, that of course involved that the idea was apply in a box or a cellar :). I’m not against of new ideas or the possibilities in abstract, also is fine to me if are implemented to be decided by the users, but when who decide is the developer and user need to accept this without any options… More than an improve, i see a problem there.