Getting disconnected (issues)

As we know, working remotely is really great but … it could be problematic for some aspects. One of them is related to the so called “disconnection time”. Techincal leterature is full of studies about the problem not to be able, during the day, to be (to live) disconnected a sufficient number of hours and the personal (family) problems that causes the fact… but I don’t care now. Instead, I’d like to know the opinion of this “vast” and “exciting” community! Every single contribution regarding own personal experience about it…is REALLY WELCOME! Thanks in advance! Michele

SERVICE MESSAGE: please, if you don’t care/like this topic, just ignore without flagging as spam because it isn’t at all. I haven’t anything to sell to anyone. This is a fair and honest discussion that I propose about a relevant topic of everyday remote communities all around the world. If this is not the right place in this community, please forgive me (I am a newbie of here) and, if you can, show me where is the right one or, maybe, give me other suggestions - THANKS!