GeoClue 2.5.7 SRU

Hey Foundations Team!

This is my first post in this discourse so forgive my etiquette if this isn’t the right way to pursue this. There is an issue in GeoClue 2.5.6 that causes all non-flatpak apps (such as those from the Ubuntu repos) to skip the permissions check required to access a users’ location. There is an issue report already in launchpad here:

This is generally a pretty breaking change since users will expect that they can adjust apps’ permission to access location in Pantheon, GNOME, and I’m sure other desktops as well. We’re tracking the issue downstream as well, but I can only make 2 links per post so I please refer to the issue report for more great links.

Fortunately, GeoClue upstream tracked the issue and the fix was released in the next point release of GeoClue: 2.5.7 at the end of December:

As I’m sure this is an important issue for Ubuntu users as well, it would be lovely if there could be an SRU made for GeoClue 2.5.7 in Ubuntu 20.04 :slight_smile:

Please let me know if I can provide any further information or how I can help to pursue this SRU

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Hey Dan,

Thanks for starting the discussion it’s a fix that probably makes sense to SRU to focal indeed.

We are probably going to want to cherry pick the commit rather than do a version update but launchpad is the right place to sort out the details so let’s continue the discussion on the bug report rather.

It would help if someone could contribute a detailed testcase so we can confirm the issue and verify the fix.

Technically geoclue is in the desktop set so it might make sense to change the topic category, that’s a detail though.


Status update, I SRUed the commit supposed to fix but it seems to not work as intended and failing verification.

I’m unsure if other changes from 2.5.7 are needed or if the update isn’t doing what people expected but I don’t have the free cycles at the moment to debug the issue so I unassigned myself

Help on figuring out the right fix would be welcome, I’m happy to handle the upload and SRU paperwork if someone comes with the right patch.

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Hey Seb,

Thanks for your help on this! The commit log seemed to suggest that would indeed resolve the issue, but as far as I can tell even backporting 2.5.7 doesn’t seem to fix things for me locally. I’m a little stuck on it myself. If I can figure out exactly what the issue and/or fix is, I will follow up in LP!