Gaming Performance on Ubuntu 23.04

Just a news update on something I just found out today. Between Ubuntu 22.10 and 23.04, with the same hardware and Nvidia driver, there is an improvement in GPU when benchmarking using GravityMark (From ) as seen here:


Vulkan boost was 1.74% better (8 FPS more)
OpenGL boost was 2.66% better (11.7 FPS more)

The Ubuntu gaming developers might be silent… but they are deadly with optimizations. So I will be testing a bunch of games again here when 23.04 comes out. Gonna be fun.


Yep! It is awesome direction, it is shows how possible to use Ubuntu in regular(common) life.
Sure I like Canonical posts about new chips and things what i really not understand, but)
*same thing in creating, I mean not all people know about how awesome GIMP,Inkscape,KDEnlive,(maybe blender only popular).
Not sure this is about system, but it is near for regular peoples(users) I mean.