Gaming Performance on Ubuntu 23.04

Just a news update on something I just found out today. Between Ubuntu 22.10 and 23.04, with the same hardware and Nvidia driver, there is an improvement in GPU when benchmarking using GravityMark (From ) as seen here:


Vulkan boost was 1.74% better (8 FPS more)
OpenGL boost was 2.66% better (11.7 FPS more)

The Ubuntu gaming developers might be silent… but they are deadly with optimizations. So I will be testing a bunch of games again here when 23.04 comes out. Gonna be fun.


Yep! It is awesome direction, it is shows how possible to use Ubuntu in regular(common) life.
Sure I like Canonical posts about new chips and things what i really not understand, but)
*same thing in creating, I mean not all people know about how awesome GIMP,Inkscape,KDEnlive,(maybe blender only popular).
Not sure this is about system, but it is near for regular peoples(users) I mean.

It’s more interesting to test with your card not games but Ai and famous LLMs, like Facebook music creation large model where 4090 is minimum.

I’m testing 23.04 and it’s very stable, for now the most stable in 24/7 from all distros in multitasking and multiwindow work. It’s not freezing completely like Nobara during simultaneous processes - 1) Fallout 3 game in Q4Wine emulation window (it’s in virtual desktop mode to prevent autoexiting in menu, 1024x768 res, min graphics profile + 2) Firefox Twitch stream watching 1080p60 + 3) VLC mkv video running + 4) all sound sources processed in realtime by Pulse effects in Pulse audio volume control (activated always working Auto Gain, Bass Enhancer, Crystalizer, Maximizer, sometimes Noise Reduction) + 5) Chromium browser for web reading + 6) i’m trying to test LLMs offline ChatGPTs also in addition to all this (like Falcon 40Billions or WizardLLM). All in 4K60FPS resolution with 125% scaling (this thing in other Linux distros makes really weird stuff, but here is stable) + fractional scaling On.

There’s a broken things in 23.04 which immediately viewed - completely broken integration of Flatpak repositories, even if activated in default appstore. Getting or searching flathub app versions just impossible without manual downloaded link to app. Many apps from default distribution broken than their flathub versions from the start - like Pulse volume audion control, Q4Wine - all of such works only by full replacing by flathub versions. Kinda older Nvidia driver available (530), in Nobara you can get the latest (535) to this day.
Android emulation kinda hard too, wasn’t able to make Waydroid working.
PS3 emulation no data for now.
And for big TVs (like 65 inches) maybe more design choices, it’s too far away to move mouse into corners to get all apps list.