FWTS 24.01.00 is released

FWTS 24.01.00 is released.

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PPA:Firmware Test Suite (Stable) : “Firmware Testing Team” team

Release notes:FirmwareTestSuite/ReleaseNotes/24.01.00 - Ubuntu Wiki

= New Features =
Fully ACPI 6.5 tests

  • acpi: fadt: add PERSISTENT_CPU_CACHES bits to fixed feature flags (mantis 2206)
  • acpi: method: add _DSC method tests (mantis 2224)
  • acpi: srat: add new Generic Port structure for srat tests (mantis 2236)
  • acpi: method: clarify TAD device methods requirements (mantis 2253)
  • acpi: madt: add GICC new flag and length change (mantis 2285, 2303)
  • acpi: einj: test more error injection actions for einjv2 (mantis 2287)
  • acpi: method: add _PDO test (mantis 2293)
  • acpi: phat: add reset reason health record test (mantis 2294)
  • acpi: viot: add test for ACPI VIOT table (mantis 2152)
  • acpi: misc: add tests for ACPI MISC table (mantis 2297)
  • acpi: ccel: add tests for ACPI CCEL table (mantis 2314)
  • acpi: skvl: add tests for ACPI SKVL table (mantis 2314)
  • Add support for ACPI 6.5 _UPC return values

= Fixed Bugs =

  • acpi/wmi: Add WMI GUID for the dell-smm-hwmon driver
  • acpi/wmi: Warn if a WMI GUID has zero instances
  • snapcraft: update the source repo for snap build
  • snapcraft: add source type for repo
  • lib: framework: clear the error message with the extra result filename suffix
  • snapcraft: specify devmode confinement for fwts snap
  • acpi: fadt: clarify the check for sleep control register
  • acpi: madt: fix typo of madt subnames
  • lib: fwts_acpi: add the PRM type GAS defined value
  • fwts-test: method: sync up with adding _DSC method tests
  • fwts-test: sync up with new Generic Port structure added for srat
  • acpi: srat: fix to get device handle value and dump the reserved array
  • lib: fwts_acpi_tables: add missing GAS address space ID
  • acpi: method: fix typo of subelement
  • fwts-test: sync up the method _PDO was added
  • fwts-test: sync up for reset reason health record test
  • fwts-test: add regression tests for VIOT
  • fwts-test: add regression tests for MISC
  • fwts-test: add regression tests for CCEL
  • acpi: viot: fix build fail on bionic and focal
  • fwts-test: add regression tests for SKVL
  • Update copyright year to 2024
  • Upgrade MCFGMMIONotReserved to HIGH error
  • s3: Add support for reading total s2idle residency from generic API
  • s3: Add support for checking last sleep cycle residency

= Detail Changelog =
To check /usr/share/doc/fwts/changelog.Debian.gz or fwts_24.01.00-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.xz from Packages in “Firmware Test Suite (Stable)” : Firmware Test Suite (Stable) : “Firmware Testing Team” team