Full app name on mouse hover

The app name on the dashboard is truncated and that is a good way of making it fit without compromising the layout. But I was thinking if it’s possible to include the feature to show the full app name if we hover the mouse through the app icon on the dashboard. Does that make sense?




you can get full labels while hovering with this extension: http://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1071/applications-overview-tooltip/

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That’s an old bug, still open. I actually wrote a fix for it a couple of years ago but it got rejected because another fix was already pending. That other fix never landed, which is frustrating.


Surprisingly, upstream just implemented the hover idea. It’s in gnome-shell 40 (under development) and it seems to work.

I would still prefer to see 2-line labels but that’s a topic for another day.

Consider this discussion resolved. The feature will be in Ubuntu 21.04.