Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 8 December 2022

Previous status can be found here: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 1 December



  • SRUed grub-multi-install: Reset partition type between partitions (LP: #1997795)

grub2-unsigned, grub2-signed:

  • SRUed the latest security update round:
  • Almost finished the whole “out of memory” shenanigans to the extent that we can, I guess old machines may stop booting if their DMA fails > 4GB. Let’s try and see what breaks :man_shrugging:, still need to test grub 2.12 mm changes and the fedora grub how they handle large initrds.


  • Submitted fsarchiver test patch for xfsprogs 6.0 to Debian; uploaded to lunar.
  • Synced fsarchiver back from Debian with my patch applied
  • Patched glusterfs and forwarded to Debian


  • Finished the remaining SRUs (jammy,kinetic) for AcquireFile large file support (LP: #1998265) - proper upstream releases for all series


  • reviewed the entire backlog of written interviews and take home tests



  • re-review big libnetplan API refactoring PR#289
  • working on netplan set regression fix PR#299


  • candidate interviews



  • Retrying tests to get busybox to migrate
  • Take home test reviews
  • Interviews
  • Golang 1.18 and 1.19 new versions. I can upload to Debian now!
  • Began review of snapd PR that impacts ubuntu-image
  • Subiquity
    • investigate lunar test runner, github seems to be caching an old ubuntu-daily image
    • PR: 1506 - casper md5 integration - log results, notify user if a crash happens later
    • PR: 1508 - better subiquity journald usage for casper md5 integration
    • PR: 1509 - loop argument cleanup for subiquity journald callers
    • PR: 1513 - Start a 22.12.1 release, goal is Monday
  • proposed-migration libb-hooks-parser-perl - 4 failed test, do retries, one pass, the others still missing their dependencies - just wait longer (retries from others finished the job)
  • Review seed changes for ship-live
  • Spec reviews
  • 7 candidate packet reviews
  • Docs discussion - to investigate read the docs for autoinstall doc location


  • Created an amd64 autopkgtest test instance for @vpa1977 so they could test cryptsetup.
  • Merged an MP adding cross-toolchain-base to big_packages for amd64.
  • Investigation into the different images available in different scaling stack datacenters which is related to RT 154790.
  • Updated the mojo service bundle and autopkgtest.db in staging so that lunar is available in the staging autopkgtest environment.
  • Tested the new autopkgtest-cloud-worker charm in the staging autopkgtest environment.
  • Updated the autopkgtest-cloud-worker charm in the production autopkgtest environment.
  • Merged xnox’s MP adding EOL kernels to never_run in autopkgtest-package-configs.
  • Submitted an MP clarifying the arguments and help for run-autopkgtest in the autopkgtest-cloud code.
  • Updated the autopkgtest code in production after @paride’s pinning changes for -proposed were merged by @vorlon.
  • Submitted an RT regarding issues with neutron / keystone in bos02 and our losing 50% of our workers.
  • Investigation into request.cgi dropping requests and testing retry-autopkgtest-regressions.

Error Tracker

  • While testing the staging environment of the Error Tracker I rediscovered that apport-test-crashes was not creating test crashes for binary applications like cat and gnome-calculator. I dug into the issue and discovered it was due to some underlying changes in apport and the apport-test-crashes package still using old methods. I sorted this out and pushed a new version of apport-test crashes to Launchpad and ran the recipe to build new test crashes.
  • Met with IS regarding testing the staging Error Tracker with a newer version of the Cassandra database.


  • Merged an MP modifying ubuntu-security-status (part of update-manager) to point at pro. Then uploaded SRUs for this to Jammy and Focal SRU queues.
  • Retried some autopkgtest failures trigged by tzdata.
  • Performed SRU verification of lintian changes adding Lunar bug 1996085.
  • Performed SRU verification of python-apt changes for an OverflowError on the production command not found extractor.
  • Reported bug 1998836 regarding a dist-upgrade failure I encountered when upgrading from J to K.
  • Investigation into / triage of a command-not-found bug.
  • Reported bug 1998982 regarding my inability to configure 3 monitors any more.
  • Peformed an SRU shift.
  • Submitted an PR which resolves an issue with auto-upgrade-testing when testing an upgrade from Jammy to Kinetic.
  • Did some +1 maintenance.
  • Some investigation into release upgrade issues from Jammy to Kinetic.


  • Tracked down a font corruption bug reported by a user LP#1992369


  • Pushed fixes for my PRs after code review PR#295, PR#298, PR#302
  • Started working on the integration of the Woke tool to catch non-inclusive language in our code base and documentation (WIP)


  • Jammy SRU
  • Lots of bug triage
    • Trying to find root cause of LP 1996826, which appears to have many duplicates



  • POC for systemd-coredump and apport integration


  • sbuild: Review merge bug #1998479 and sponsored upload
  • apport:
    • Upload 2.23.1-0ubuntu5 to fix FTBFS
    • Triaged Ubuntu bug #1998309 and cleaned up some apport bugs with “hang” in the description
    • Verified apport 2.20.11-0ubuntu82.3 jammy SRU
    • Analyzed why the phased updates for apport 2.20.11-0ubuntu27.25 was stopped (summary in bug #1889443)
    • Uploaded apport 2.24.0-0ubuntu1 to lunar
  • python-tz: Verified SRU bug #1995864


  • @bdrung kindly sponsored the sbuild merge (LP: #1998479) but it needs a tweak for armhf autopkgtest compatibility
  • Investigated state of RP2040 patches for openocd (only a few that may be needed short term)
  • linux-firmware-raspi migrated; working on SRUs to jammy and kinetic (LP: #1989713)
  • unattended-upgrades merge prepared (LP: #1998787); awaiting review
  • u-boot merge prepped (LP: #1999039); awaiting current security patch to migrate before uploading
  • Working on lsb and dbus merges
  • Investigated breakage of runsnakerun on jammy (LP: #1999150)
  • Tests+interviews
  • Pi meetings


  • New processing in lunar
  • surprisingly high flow rate of new binaries from Debian syncs on an ongoing basis (many of them rust?)
  • source review of everything in the queue as of Monday (including ivsc-driver and ipu6-drivers, two dkms packages that have been SRUed back to jammy)
  • Starting NEW review of dotnet7 which needs to be re-bootstrapped because it cant use dotnet6` as a build dependency

+1 Maintenance

  • chasing the perl transition. Lots of autopkgtest retries, and engaging with the Ubuntu QA team wrt some infra unreliabilities that are making this slower to progress than it should


  • discussions around whether we would include openssl1.1 in jammy for a partner (NO)


  • adjusted the behavior of retry-autopkgtest-regressions to make it possible to retry tests that have moved to state “Reference test in progress, but real test failed already”
  • review of branch to fix --all-proposed autopkgtests in lunar
  • Prepared the merge of openssl 3.0.7 from unstable,
  • Some more time on the spec for an alternative to crypto-policies (still some work to do there)