Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 5 January 2023

Happy new year! :tada:

Previous status can be found here: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 15 December 2022 - #3 by bdrung

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  • candidate interviews & take-home tests
  • emails & backlog
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Back to work since Jan 3rd.


  • checked most bug reports opened during the Christmas break. Most of them are from users of the new subiquity-based desktop installer.
  • investigated LP: #2000066 - LVM edit crash with multiple disks. Wasn’t able to reproduce the crash but opened PR 1523 to add support for multiple disks in kvm-test.
  • Investigated LP: #1998920 - dns search domain gets duplicated. Turns out to be a known issue when submitting IP setitngs multiple times. It also affects DNS addresses. Needs fixing but we have to be careful not to break console_conf.
  • Fixed subiquity asynchronous command execution disregarding stdin when connected to a pipe PR 1524
  • Added confirmation dialogs in common subiquity code PR 1525
  • Focused on implementation of mirror testing for 23.04.
  • Got hit on multiple occasions with CI failures caused by GitHub API rate-limiting our queries. Created LP: #2001906 and will need to be addressed going forward.
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Short week due to holidays



  • Helped a bit with onboarding @zhsj
  • Moved to Pennsylvania
  • Take home test grading
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  • Lenovo X13s
    • Analyzed handling of device-trees with experimental BIOS version provided by Lenovo
    • Installed Debian
    • Testing Ubuntu kernel
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  • FOSDEM booking
  • Initial work on deb822 support in python-apt aptsources. I can read them (and show them in software-properties with garbled formatting)
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Thursday 05 January 2023


  • Removed End of Life releases from the autopkgtest databases on both web servers thereby freeing disk space on those units.
  • Submitted an MP to pass on a 404 traceback in the cleanup-instances tool.
  • Added lunar’s pyside2 to never-run for arm64 and s390x as it was continuously running in a loop.
  • Investigation into the looping test runs of dbconfig-common. It looks like a there is an issue connecting with postgres and the error message is ‘Temporary failure in name resolution’ which is considered an infrastructure issue and the tests are then running continuously. I submitted an an MP which should make the string considered a failure for the dbconfig-common package. I also cowboy’ed it into production.
  • Sent an email regarding updating autopkgtest in the Ubuntu archive.
  • Reported a bug regarding OK_PKG_STRINGS needing a rework.


  • Submitted an MP to ubuntu-archive-tools modifying sru-release so it won’t comment on bugs if called with ‘–no-act’.
  • Sponsored a Lunar update of the autopkgtest Ubuntu package for @hellsworth.


  • Reviews of candidate essays.
  • Conducted an interview.
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Catching up with the bugs reported by users during the EOY holidays

  • New API code was merged PR#298
  • Fix for OVS netdefs filepath was merged PR#295
  • Migration to pytest was merged PR#302
  • Implementation of a simple netplan state iterator API (merged) PR#306
  • Investigating a possible race condition in the netplan generator PR#304
  • Investigated a crash when openvswitch is installed but the service is not running PR#307
  • Investigating an issue where the wrong error is reported back to the user PR#308
  • Working on the update of our Netplan + NetworkManager integration PR#1
  • Code review for @slyon PR#290
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  • Bug triage to catch up from the break


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  • unattended-upgrades needs another upload to handle migration failure on arm64 (LP: #2001568)
  • Investigated dbus migration failures; upower needs a retry, not sure about libsoup3
  • Investigated sbuild migration failure; LP: #2000015 fixed the issue with the unshare-qemuwrapper test (which I’m still not sure I fully comprehend), but now unshare-qemuwrapper test times out
  • Investigating libcamera status (re: Pi camera modules) under Ubuntu
  • Simplifying some branches of pi-gadget
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  • Updated the openssl merge for better review
  • Almost finished v2 of the centralized crypto configuration specification (sending for review today or tomorrow)
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Short week due to the holidays.

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  • Going through company and team on boarding process.
    Non-tech things are mostly done, still learning Ubuntu developing workflow and process.
  • Prepare new golang-1.20 package, with lintian overrides and copyright refreshed. It’s been in Debian new queue and PPA ~zhsj/go1.20.
    • One new test fails due to schroot. A simple patch has been sent to upstream.
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