Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 26 Oct 2023

Previous week’s status can be found at: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 19 Oct 2023 - #17 by vpa1977





  • plenty of “Greenhouse gardening” (written interview, take-home tests)
  • roadmap massaging
  • Meeting with Tim
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  • PR #150 - Support the keep-enabled parameter in ubuntu-image extra-ppas
    • merged
  • PR #148 - ubuntu-image ‘pack’ support
    • merged
  • PR # 155 - Clean image build leftovers
    • merged
  • PR #143 - The ‘fstab’ of ‘customization’ destroy original fstab content
    • improved and merged
  • PR # 157 - Use eatmydata to speedup image build
    • waiting for a review
  • PR # 159 - Always look for the gadget.yaml file in the same place
    • soon to be merged
  • PR # 160 - Distinguish build and target components
    • let users define what components/pocket should be used at build time and in the resulting image
    • waiting for a review
  • PR # 158 - Check dependencies vulnerabilities
    • use govulncheck in CI to identify CVE in our dependencies
    • build with golang 1.21
    • waiting for a review
  • PR # 161 - Improve tests
    • The whole test suite was taking around 40min to run, for a 91% coverage
    • Mark some tests as “long”. Short tests run in ~6s, with a 84% coverage. So we can iterate a lot faster with a decent confidence.
    • Do some cleaning/harmonization on tests.
    • Mark some tests as able to run in parallel.
    • Add a “basic” chroot, generated only once (if needed) and copied by tests needing it (avoid doing the same chroot generation multiple times)
    • waiting for a review
  • Some more research on alternatives to ubuntu-image.
  • Some ubuntu-image bug grooming
  • Reviewed boot loader testing framework
  • Some work on APT snapshot SRU verification
  • Hiring stuff
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GRUB testing

  • Packaged python-uefivars for setting up secure boot keys
  • First version of PC BIOS, and UEFI AMD64/ARM64 SB tests working

sd boot/stub

  • Started working on the ability for UKIs to contain multiple DTBs.
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  • Backported Rust 1.68 1.69 1.70 to Focal, Jammy, and Lunar
  • Currently investigating an error caused by gdb when running a Rust binary under gdb on a 32-bit ARM CPU
  • Currently preparing Rust updates to 1.72 and 1.73
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+1 maintenance

Remaining bits from the +1 maintenance week:


I spend my time ensuring that all blocked packages failures are documented and reported in Debian / upstream where applicable. I created a bunch of bug reports:

I ended on cross-toolchain-base-mipsen which is 71 days old as of this Friday’s report (i.e. in the queue since 2023-08-10). From the 103 packages in the queue, the oldest 58 packages have a update-excuse bug linked and 8 of the more recent ones. This leaves 37 packages that still need to be looked at.

Tickets for the archive admins

pyina and pathos

pyina and pathos cannot be built because they need multiprocess >= 0.70.15, see Update to newer upstream (>= 0.70.15) to allow python3-pathos to build. So I went ahead and updated this Python modules using my Debian Python Team hat.


I created the update-excuse bug #2039968 and linked the already existing bug in Debian. Since it is a Python package under the Debian Python Team, I tried to fix it. The cmake configuration file has options to disable ssse3 and aes, but it hard-codes -mstackrealign. Then the build fails due to the missing wmmintrin.h header. So I decided to report the issue upstream to let upstream fix it:

Syncs to fix failures

Following package should be (auto-)synced after the archive openening:

  • Sync multiprocess 0.70.15-1 to allow building pyina and pathos
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I’ll be away next week so I’m going to include what I think will be done/uploaded in the coming days


  • openssl SRU for Jammy: Bug #2033422 “openssl: backport to jammy “clear method store / q...” : Jammy (22.04) : Bugs : openssl package : Ubuntu
    • one performance fix for concurrency
    • fixes for “ignored SMIME signature errors” and “imbca engine dumps core” (see link above)
    • dropping a fix for blowfish using the wrong default key size because it would introduce intra-jammy incompatibilities upon a simple upgrade
  • gnutls: forcibly disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1 which we meant to disable system-wide but were still typically enabled
  • openssl: remove dead code in postinst and remove use of debconf which was useless but unneeded and triggering an old and mysterious issue with debconf locking


  • crypto-config: specification and lightning talk updates
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  • Preparing SRU to backport golang-1.21 to Lunar/Jammy/Focal as requested by CPC team. LP: #2040269
  • Start to drafting policy and process for updating Go toolchain in stable release.
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  • Worked on fixing .NET 8 RC2 bug regarding mismatched runtime versions (LP: #2040547)
    • Test build currently building in a PPA with patch provided by Microsoft.
  • Currently investigating ways to package the .NET SDK/Runtime as Snap packages
  • Attended weekly .NET partners sync meeting
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  • PR#1851 - some updates to subiquity apport report information in line with apport hook updates.
  • PR#1855 reverts the fix for some late command issues with the snap environment (e.g., LP#2032961) since this seems to have just introduced more of them but in the other direction. We will have to revist this in the future with a better approach.


  • MP#454563 (in review) - rewrite of apport hook for subiquity to update collected information.
  • Doing some work to generalize some package hooks for subiquity, cloud-init,
    and ubuntu-desktop-installer


  • PR#226 tiny fix for an f-string typo I found in my apport testing
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Ubuntu Server

  • Bug triage rotation
  • Investigating interruption of data series for the boot speed measurements
  • Reviewed and approved packaging of a new upstream version on Kea
    • This happened in Debian: we’re keeping Kea mostly a sync.


  • Patch pilot rotation
  • Cleared Greenhouse backlog (technical exercises and written interviews)
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Had the day off Tuesday. Short week this week.


  • MP amending an issue we had with trusty and xenial service files in infrastructure
  • working on an MP which introduces a feature which allows users to stop currently running tests from the webUI
  • Made an MP in launchpad-mojo-specs to amend an issue we were having with CI and unit tests
  • Assisting in seeding new release and debugging issues with new autopkgtest-web units


  • Testing branch ubuntu/5.20 in staging with a number of different tests. It’s a new branch prepped a little while ago by Paride which is more up to date.


  • Made an MP which introduces upgrade tests to N
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  • subiquity
    • help move doc PRs along with reviews and a CI fix on PR: #1845 + others
    • setting up stable build for some fixes:
      • LP: #2040654 - regression in late-commands handling - we’re reverting the change that introduced the regression, and evaulating from there
      • LP: #2040190 - a chain of problems tracing back to the kernel, as listed in LP: #2034705, results in efibootmgr failing. There appears to be a environment variable workaround, but the first test of the change has failed, so this workaround is still pending.
  • patch pilot
    • LP: #2036873 - after review, I agreed with Paride’s analysis, did the small tweaks Paride asked for, and uploaded the bootstrap builds for focal/jammy.
    • LP: #2039736 - analyzed the request and agreed with submitter that a syncrequest was appropriate to drop the ubuntu delta, which only set a minimum version on python3-urllib, which would not be possible to see unless building unmodified for pre-jammy. But it’s requested already, so no action other than unsubscribe sponsors. Updated bug state to match.
    • LP: #2039611 - adjust for noble instead of mantic and upload.
  • greenhouse
  • 24.04 planning
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  • Setup the prod-proposed-migration environment to run tests for Noble.
  • Babysat seed-new-release which copies forward test results from mantic to noble. However, it needed very little hand holding due to changes we’d made to the script.
  • Did some handholding of download-all-results as it timed out multiple times on the autopkgtest-web servers.
  • Reviewed an MP from @andersson123 regarding running trusty autopkgtests.
  • Submitted an RT regarding adding noble images to the various clouds. Then communicated with the bootstack team regarding adding the same images to PS5 (lcy02).

ISO Tracker

  • Worked with @vorlon regarding backing up the server on which this service runs.


  • Helped with the release of Ubuntu 23.10.1.
  • Investigation into failure to install firmware-updater snap during a distribution upgrade bug 2039268
  • Modified the phased-updater code to no longer consider bionic as it is ESM.
  • Merged @waveform’s MP adding devices to raspi/os_list_imagingutility_ubuntu.json. Then updated the branch on
  • Updated release checklist templates with additional information regarding new release opening and release EoL.
  • Uploaded distro-info-data adding Noble which “fixes” bug 2040193.


  • SRU team duties.
  • Reviewing candidate applications.
  • Conducted an interview.
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  • prepared October security release and uploaded to ppa, still building due to the issues with RISC-V builders
  • working on adding test suite package to openjdk LP: #2016437
  • openjdk-21: bootstrap builds for jammy and focal are in the NEW queue.


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Now I can login again … probably about time I post this:

  • Reviewed ubuntu-image changes for cleaning of files from images (LP: #2039434)
  • Proposed adding device tags to the rpi-imager metadata (for the forthcoming rpi-imager 1.8.1, LP: #2039887)
  • Posted first part of the NBD blog series
  • Worked on the split of ubuntu-settings for noble
  • Wrote some acceptance criteria for 24.04 roadmap items
  • Take home tests
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