Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 26 January 2023

The previous status is here: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 19 January 2023

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+1 maintenance

  • nanopolish
    • Broken dependency libslow5lib
    • libslow5lib had a broken dependency libstreamvbyte
    • I have uploaded libstreamvbyte and libslow5lib, then will upload nanopolish once the previous two are published
  • python3-defaults
    • Many test retries, most of them successful
    • Investigating arm* FTBFS of xpra. I still haven’t been able to recreate this locally but it is repeatable in LP builders.
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subiquity / curtin

  • Opened and merged PR 1537 to implement mirror testing.
  • Now focusing on automatic fallback to a different mirror.
  • Review for mini-iso-tools
  • Roadmap discussions


  • lxml regressions (has now migrated)
    • synced python-exchangelib to make autopkgtest pass with updated tzdata
    • uploaded python-ulmo 0.8.8+dfsg1-1ubuntu2 to fix failing autopkgtest LP: #2003571
    • thanks @tsimonq2 for sponsoring both uploads!
  • sysvinit 3.05-7ubuntu2 was sponsored by @dbungert (thanks!) and has now migrated along with lsb
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  • o’reilly talk
  • graded several take-home tests
  • some compliance training
  • pi-config spec review (FO097)
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Ubuntu QA


  • Tested scalingstack connectivity on bos01 after IS solved a networking issue there.
  • Continued monitoring of the queue and of datacenter issues.
  • Prepared an SRU exception request for the autopkgtest package

Ubuntu Server

ISO testing

  • Worked around LTO-related qemu bug on the arm64 machine running the ISO tests (
    • The bug is correctly triaged and in the Server Team work queue
  • Lunar ISO testing are failing because of a bug in breezy (LP: #2000806).
    • I uploaded an Ubuntu revision cherry-picking the upstream fix, but it’s failing to migrate.
    • This has been fixed upstream too (issue: compatibility with dulwich 0.21). Upstream released a new version and uploaded to Debian. I synced it.
  • Even with LP: #2000806 fixed breezy is failed to migrate due to flaky tests.
    • Filed LP: #2003868 and disabled the flaky tests (a small part of the whole test suite) after discussing with upstream. Now autopkgtests pass (all-proposed=1). The package didn’t migrate yet.
  • Even with LP: #2000806 there’s another bug preventing Lunar testing from succeeding: LP: #2003950
    • Ongoing discussion with upstream.
  • Reviewed MP from @seb128 fixing the ISO static validation on the flutter desktop installer
  • Fixed UTAH to make it work on Lunar hosts (required to move away from some deprecated Python code)

Automatic upgrade testing

  • Added Kinetic -> Lunar upgrade profiles. Tests are passing in Jenkins.


  • Reviewed several essay from candidates
  • Interviewed two candidates
  • Compliance training
  • O’Reilly introductory talk
  • Asked the ROCKs team how to proceed wrt ownership of testing of the ROCK/OCI images
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  • Finished up my +1 maintenance shift, see my report for details
  • Uploaded link-grammar (while auto-sync from Debian was down), and sync’d qiime to help with Python 3.11 / proposed-migration
  • Reviewed and sponsored dotnet7 kinetic SRU for @mirespace, currently awaiting bootstrapping
  • Much autopkgtest retrying and migration hinting to help Python 3.11 / proposed-migration along
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  • working on support for systems where EFI variables are not writable

Makeshift installer for X13s

  • modifying a preinstalled server image
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  • Investigation into there being downed armhf workers - discovered 4 units had full /srv/ partitions.
  • Provisioned 4 new armhf workers and replaced the downed units.
  • Investigation into a report of looping boost1.81 on arm64 - seems to be due the number of tests defined and failures provisioning instances.
  • Reduced the number of s390x autopkgtest workers in bos02 in an attempt to find a sweet spot for processing the queue.
  • Attempting to build a new version of the autopkgtest-cloud-worker charm but encountered issues with charmcraft.


  • Upload a different version of autopkgtest with the Pin-Priority change for Lunar which includes test fixes for armhf. Additionally, uploaded a kinetic SRU with the same changes.
  • Special SRU reviews of update-manager for BFJ and software-properties for B.


  • DMB meeting.
  • Reviews of candidate essays.
  • Short week due to a holiday.
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  • Currently working on having a versioned rustc-1.62 package for Kernel. This requires re-bootstrapping on Lunar since we’ve already moved past it.
  • Rust 1.65 and cargo 0.66 are now ready for the upcoming Firefox release all the way back to Bionic, with help from @liushuyu-011 :slight_smile:


  • Some more discussion on the netplan set regression with @slyon, but the fix is in \o/
  • Usual hiring tasks
  • Sponsored p11-kit for @adrien
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  • Investigated and fixed a tricky autopkgtest failure in libcap2 (LP#2003892)


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Short week, was out Monday.


  • reviewing sourceful new packages in the queue
  • re-ran process-removals for some Debian removals late last year, made some progress on getting them out of lunar as well (llvm-toolchain-11)
  • looked at packages FTBFS and blocking python3-defaults, removed a number of them from lunar that weren’t in Debian testing
  • Working with kernel team to get all necessary SecureBoot signing keys attached to the correct PPAs for ESM kernel signing


  • A few uploads of python3-defaults revdeps with failing autopkgtests to fix them
    • xpra
    • python-configshell-fb
    • sepp
    • guidata
    • python-bayespy
  • Had a look at NBS and triggered no-change rebuilds for various packages blocking removals there


  • normal SRU vanguard day on Friday, processed some urgent requests from the Desktop Team
  • MRE approval for squid


  • having a poke at faketime to see how straightforward it is to get it to cover 64-bit time functions (answer: not)
  • uploaded libppd to fix linting issues identified while it was in the NEW queue
  • took a run through my TIL merges
  • discussions around full-disk encryption
  • corporate overlord compliance
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  • sbuild merge kindly sponsored by @tsimonq2 (LP: #2003201)
  • Finished spec for Ubuntu flavour of raspi-config (kindly reviewed by @slyon; will respond shortly)
  • Filed removal request against debuerreotype (LP: #2003963)
  • Investigated Core 20 and 22 boot on Pi Zero 2W
  • Looking into slack space at the end of our images (see rpi-imager#480)
  • Pi meetings
  • Tests
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  • hiring stuff
  • subiquity
    • PR: 1539 / PR: 1541 - string tweaks
    • PR: 1540 - fix a defect in handling of API calls when autoinstall is in use. In some cases, the installer client may want information but not be able to get it, where the intention was that the client could opt-in to autoinstall handling with setting a HTTP header
  • curtin
    • MP: 436268 - considering what it means to support curtin at an earlier python version. More thought required, as to if we want to support that or not and what python version to go back to.
  • mini-iso-tools
    • PR: 1 - feedback resolved or deferred, and merged.
    • LP: #2003913 - uploaded to new
    • PR: 2 - basic CI with a deb build
  • proposed-migration: initramfs-tools, run retests
  • sponsored sysvinit LP: #2002789
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  • Investigated about faketime and datefudge which, on 32-bit systems, do not work for 64-bit time_t functions; this prevents coreutils from migration at the moment but we should overrule that
  • merged gnutls, p11-kit and libgcrypt
  • prepared a small presentation about our alternative to crypto-policies
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  • Finished backporting cargo to Kinetic (22.10), Jammy (22.04), Focal (20.04) and Bionic (18.04). The version for the backported series begins with 0.66.0+ds0ubuntu0.libgit2
  • Helped @schopin investigate an issue with rustc backporting to Bionic and Focal where an unexpected crash happened in LLVM code generation backend during testing
  • Currently working on proposed-migration tryton-modules-account-payment-clearing
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  • openjdk: Working on January security update. Preparing runtime dependencies of openjdk-8 for ROCKs team.
  • jreg7: got a working PPA , built openjdk-20 with it
  • ca-certificates-java: started on Python implementation of certificate importer.
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