Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 24 March 2022

Hello everyone, the Foundations team will post their updates from the past week here.

Last week’s updates occurred in #ubuntu-meeting on and logs are available here: Ubuntu Meeting Log File

  • updated ubuntukylin seeds to fix an image build failure
  • researched, reported LP: #1965601 re ubuntukylin not building
  • sponsored mit-scheme, pktstat, python-pecan for @enr0n
  • testing PS5 cassandra database
  • added badtest hints for assimp, booth, debci, gfan, sabnzbdplus for various releases
  • merged ubiquity bug fix for Kubuntu crash LP: #1963697
  • increased /boot partition size for Jammy LP: #1959971
  • uploaded ubiquity with the above changes and log file permissions changes
  • submitted tzdata update bug LP: #1965791 (made updates too)
  • created trusty and xenial tzdata debdiffs for ESM
  • retried autopkgtest regressions and riscv64 build for glibc in Focal
  • created 22.10, 23.04 release schedules
  • removed firefox-locale-* from the supported seed for ubuntu as it is a transitional package now and was likely causing installation failures LP: #1965805
  • SRU shift
  • FFE reviews
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  • ubuntu-image:
  • Raspberry Pi:
    • piboot UC22 testing
    • Created pi-gadget PR for piboot support in uc22
    • Created pi-gadget PR to increase size of boot partition
    • Packaging software to support unicornhat and unicornhathd in A PPA
  • Go 1.18 transition
    • golang-defaults 1.18 uploaded
    • Uploaded new versions of many packages with SHA1 test certs to allow SHA1 in test cases only
    • Also submitted 10 or so upstream bugs about Go 1.18 failures and had a few PRs merged
  • General distro work
    • Sponsored apport and a couple golang packages for @enr0n
  • subiquity
    • repartitioning: PR: 1245, PR: 1243, PR: 1219
      With raw API calls and the subiquity server running in curtin v2 action
      mode, can now partition into existing empty space.
    • autoinstall priority: LP: #1948823, PR: 1237
      Extend the existing functionality where an autoinstall may be ‘baked’ into
      the iso at ‘/autoinstall.yaml’ - if autoinstall is supplied by both a cloud
      source and this iso built-in location, the cloud source will take
    • integration tests use a distinct tempdir, reduces invalid test runs
      PR: 1236
  • probert
    • LP: #1964571 - merge fixes for python3.10 to console-conf for core22
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  • Subiquity
    • investigated Subiquity waiting forever on cloud-init in flutter installer. Regression of cloud-init in version 22.1 LP: #1966085
    • More investigation on LP: #1962205. Was able to reproduce the issue consistently on dry-run mode by simulating udev events. Fix provided by @mwhudson in PR 1234
    • requested FFe to add third-party drivers support in Jammy LP: #1965760 ; PR: 1240
    • disabled Ubuntu Advantage / Ubuntu Pro screen for 22.04. Support for autoinstall not removed. PR: 1242
    • working on implementation of new design for third-party drivers.
  • Misc: was off on Friday
  • short week, was off Friday
  • apt 2.4.3 release with minimal gcc 12 build fixes
  • nullboot: shim doesn’t boot entries without a space/zero char in load options (LP: #1965972), hence appending space in fallback csv to get first (and recovery) boot working (
  • autopkgtest-cloud: bos01 arm64 was down, did some analysis, pinged IS, started working again
  • +1 maintenance (in progress)
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Sorry in advance for the lack of links; Discourse will not let me do more than two because “Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.”

  • +1 maintenance last week
    • see the report on ubuntu-devel
    • Still looking for sponsors on pytest-mock (LP: #1965442) and python-uvicorn (LP: #1965578)
  • systemd SRUs
    • focal: LP: #1958284 and LP: #1871538
    • impish: LP: #1871538 and LP: #1962038
    • @sylon sponsored all the uploads
  • apport SRU verification (LP: #1952947)


The rustc MIR has seen some new developments:

  • Patched the second embedded copy of rust-crossbeam-utils 0.7.2 for the CVE-2020-15254 as it’s equally vulnerable, despite not having been yanked by upstream.
  • Demoted cargo from Recommends to Suggests in the rustc binary package to allow the latter to be promoted to main. Since this is not a bugfix and has some potential for breakage, it and the CVE patch are waiting for a FFe
  • Worked on figuring out a new source-level control header for packages that vendor sources, which will likely be the case for Rust packages in main in the near future.
  • Discussed another new field, this time for binaries, to keep track of statically linked dependencies in a given package (dependencies provided by separate packages at build time). Sadly no URL for that yet, except this dpkg patch


  • OpenSSL 3.0.2 has been uploaded, sponsored by @teward. It’s still stuck in -proposed at the moment, I haven’t had time to get to all the test failures yet.
  • Cherry-picked a patch from Debian for the tcltls FTBFS
  • Some generic triage on LP


PR reviews:


  • Reviewed a python-pecan patch for @enr0n (and uploaded it, not realizing it’s in main…)
  • Wrote an endorsement for @athos-ribeiro’ MOTU application.
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  • prepared archive test rebuild and gcc-12 test rebuild
  • babysitting test rebuilds
  • initiated no-change power9 baseline rebuilds
  • backport -fcf-protection exclusions to gcc-10, gcc-11
  • gcc-10, gcc-12 updates
  • llvm 14 release upload
  • gdb branch build
  • python3.9, python3.10 upstream updates
  • build an explicit python3.10-nopie package
  • fixing some debhelper related build failures
  • archive-admin mentoring for a collegue
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22.10 roadmap
LP #1966219 enable flash-kernel on riscv64
LP #1965796 currently testing GRUB calling U-Boots devicetree fixups
LP #1965288 already merge to git: grub-install handling missing SetVariable() in U-Boot decently

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