Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 23 March 2023

The previous status is here: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 16 March 2023

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  • proposed migration: e2fsprogs
    • uploaded a new version of fsarchiver with a patch from upstream, which allowed e2fsprogs to migrate
  • Take home test reviews
  • Interviews
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Embedded World

  • We were present at the RISC-V booth and I gave a talk on the status of Ubuntu on RISC-V.


  • Gnome shell stopped to work on RISC-V due to an upstream change.
  • Analysis showed that the .dynamic section of RISC-V and MIPS is read-only and therefore not relocated in the glibc routines running at _start. @duflu now has provided a patch which fixes the problem.


  • On Qualcomm 8cx Gen 3 SC8280XP gdb fails read pointer authorizations registers. As this is also reproducible in a simple C program it seems to be a issue with the kernel. LP #2012509


  • gdb started by apport-retrace failed to support the layout command. Analysis showed that environment variable $TERM was not passed. @bdrung provided a patch.


  • I analyzed the usability of box64 for emulation on RISC-V
    • Emulation of binaries requires adding amd64 as additional architecture and installing dependent amd64 libraries.
    • For complex C programs like GLPK and the U-Boot sandbox the emulation was successful but slow (factor 80 compared to a native RISC-V program).
    • For some Gnome amd64 libraries the postinst phase of package installation failed.
    • For C++ libraries some symbols could not be resolved when trying to run the applications.
    • I was neither able to run a Qt5 binary (Kcalc) nor a Gtk binary (Gnome-calculator).
    • box64 is incompatible with qemu-user-static: only one of them can be the default emulator to execute amd64 binaries
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A week for snaps.

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  • Added linux-starfive to never_run for Lunar because we don’t run riscv64 tests
  • Added nvidia-cuda-toolkit to big_packages to see if it would help with ENOSPACE, while it did help the test still failed.
  • Updated in autopkgtest-package-configs with information about big_packages and disk space.
  • Started autopkgtests for jinja2 on an autopkgtest-cloud-worker unit as they couldn’t be run otherwise due to there not being previous results. This was brought up by @ginggs.
  • Gave @paride commit access to the ~ubuntu-release autopkgtest repository.
  • Pinged IS regarding restarting neutron on s0lp4 (bos02 s390x host) as the s390x queues are slow. The underlying issue is tracked in an RT.

Error Tracker

  • Tested the staging version of the Error Tracker with cassandra 3.11.

ISO Tracker

  • Updated two test cases on the ISO Tracker server regarding RAID server installs for @dbungert.


  • Updated the Lunar Release schedule to have a link to the BetaFreeze wiki page and also the template tool which is used to create the Discourse post.
  • Submitted an MP for retry-autopkgtest-regressions so that it will not Traceback when processing stable releases which have private items in the queue or running.
  • ISO testing for the 20.04.6 point release.
  • Update the meta-release files for the 20.04.6 point release.


  • Take home test reviews
  • Interview(s)
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  • +1 maintenance week
    • Migrated pycodestyle
    • Fixed update-notifier autopkgtests
    • Working on icdiff autopkgtests so python-flake8 can be migrated. Worked with upstream to fix the problem and submitted a PR so we can drop all the patches on the next release


  • Proposed some fixes for crashes in the frontend (PR#334)
  • Proposed a new command (netplan validate) (PR#335)
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  • take-home-test reviews
  • candidate interview
  • M&G Interview template
  • Roadmap grooming

subiquity / curtin / probert

  • merged PR 1586 to fix a collision between a method and an attribute (merged to ubuntu/lunar)
  • fixed LP: #2012416 and duplicate LP bugs through PR 1601 (merged to ubuntu/lunar)
  • ongoing investigation of failed installs caused by a crash in pyudev (called from probert). The theory is that the crash would be triggered by non UTF-8 partition labels ; and more specifically NTFS partitions on french MS Windows installs. To be confirmed. I don’t have a reproducer and the lack of a system with such configuration makes it difficult to confirm. Manually changing the NTFS label to did not trigger the crash.
  • ongoing investigation of failed installs caused by the use of the ventoy software solution, which interferes with the linux device mapper. Can not reproduce yet but I got bug reports from at least 3 different people already. Will do more testing in due time. I suspect that building a ventoy image from Linux and from Windows ends up being different.
  • code reviews


  • spec reviews
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  • Working on spec for ManagedOOMPreference integration
  • Follow-on uploads for kinetic, jammy, and lunar to complete fix of LP: #2002445
  • Working with Debian to get libsystemd.a shipped in libsystemd-dev (LP: #2012437)


  • Working on adding deb822 support to add-apt-repository
    • Most work so far has been on removing the “extended” sourceslist API that wraps python-apt
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  • Tested kernels for an HDMI audio bug on Jammy (LP: #2009136)
  • Uploaded flash-kernel fix preventing flashing of not-yet-completely-installed kernels (LP: #2007827)
  • Broke flash-kernel with the aforementioned fix (LP: #2011925); uploaded tentative fix to PPA for testing
  • More testing of candidate core22 build of firefox (hardware compositing now working; testing full Wayland compatibility)
  • Tested lunar pre-installed desktop images for @jawn-smith
  • Tested 4K 60Hz support on pre-installed desktop images (works, but requires a bit of hoop jumping; requires further documentation)
  • Tested new Pi global shutter camera with libcamera stack (works out of the box on lunar)
  • Pi meetings
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Most of the other tasks are currently being blocked by external factors.


  • Currently getting the proposal to merge cargo and rustc source packages reviewed

Ubuntu ROCK

  • Working on benchmarking the Chiselled images for Rust application deployment
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LP #2008789: [MIR] inteutils-telnet



Special Thanks again to @ginggs, @slyon, @mirespace!

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  • subiquity
    • LP: #2006985 - add new livecd-rootfs hacks to adjust journald flags for compatibility with core22. At least we can turn zstd back on. Merged, uploaded, confirmed fix on daily build.
    • PR: 1606 - workaround a hang when using autoinstall with desktop.
    • PR: 1607 - merge to lunar
    • PR: 1608 - make sure both series linters run, both to work around current flake8/pycodestyle issues but also it seems like an improvement
    • LP: #2008952 - investigate systemd ordering a little bit. Even outside of the autoinstall case the subiquity process is starting later than expected for u-d-i - 40+ seconds later for at least oen user.
  • mini-iso-tools
    • start handling MIR team feedback from LP: #2008742
    • reviews on cdimage changes, debugging of livecd-rootfs builds
  • probert
    • PR: 131 - fix logging of filesystem resize tool error output. This is also a template for further logging improvements I want to do generally, with the goal that stdout/stderr/returncode of such tools are logged consistently in and in a consistent location.
  • sponsor openjdk-lts upload for @vpa1977. Wrap my head around git-ubuntu rich history as part of that.
  • proposed migration libzstd - failure of rpmlint needed python-zstandard trigger added, i386 handled through hint per faq.
  • 23.10 planning
  • greenhouse
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  • devscripts: Drop debpkg to make devscripts architecture all. Instead of debpkg please use sudo for debi (or, highly dangerous, make dpkg setuid root). Uploaded 2.23.3ubuntu2 to lunar.
  • python-tz:
    • Dynamically determine list of available and common timezones (LP: #207604)
    • Determine IANA (nee Olson) database version dynamically
    • Add autopkgtests to run unittest and own regression tests
    • Upload 2022.7.1-2 to unstable
    • Prepared and uploaded 2022.2.1-1ubuntu0.22.10.0 for kinetic
    • Prepared and uploaded 2022.1-1ubuntu0.22.04.1 for jammy
  • tzdata: 2023a was released (LP: #2012599). I uploaded the new version to unstable (2023a-1), experimental (2023a-1exp1), and lunar (2023a-1exp1ubuntu1). Now I am preparing the update for the stable releases.


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Short week due to minor health issues.

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