Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 23 February 2023

The previous status is here: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 16 February 2023

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  • compliance trainings
  • travel request
  • candidate interviews & take-home tests
  • Jira (purge) grooming
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  • travel request, journey search and validation
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  • Candidate interviews
  • Take home test review
  • Sponsored sysvinit for @ogayot
  • Proposed migration: libarchive. Very stuck.
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  • Removed items from the autopkgtest queues with obsolete triggers.
  • Updated RT 155557 regarding issues provisioning instances on grimer.
  • Modified autopkgtest code to stop requesting instances on a couple of misbehaving hosts.

ISO Tracker

  • Merged an MP from @xypron with fixes for the licheerv test case.


  • Merged @enr0n’s MP adding multiple packages to big_packages.
  • Removed Ubuntu Release task for updating the ubuntu.calendar in bsdmainutils because it was removed.
  • Overrode some false positive regressions for the phased-updater.
  • Updated the raspi/os_list_imagingutility_ubuntu.json file on changelogs.u.c for the new Ubuntu Core images.
  • Tested installing the 22.04.2 point release with nvidia graphics (on-line and off-line installs)
  • Merged and sponsored @enr0n’s MP ubuntu-release-upgrader changes adding a flatpak quirk and adding ubuntu-unity-desktop to DistUpgrade.cfg.
  • Reported a bug regarding install Lunar on a system with Broadcom wireless.
  • Helped with the 22.04.2 point release by respinning images after reviewing, testing, approving some last minute livecd-rootfs changes.


  • Candidate interview
  • Take home test reviews
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  • subiquity
    • PR: 1566 (LP: #2007554) - fix parameterized tests with async. Shared fix upstream
    • PR: 1569 (LP: #2004659) - update detection of default routes. On network manager systems, the route probing done there results in Subiquity incorrectly believing there is no default route.
    • PR: 1573 - reverted a change in snap version comparison. This was originally implemented as part of fixing LP: #1936190, but we decided that whatever version is offered on the snap channel should “win”.
  • mini-iso-tools
    • upload v0.2.0 based on recently merged previous work
    • continued work on livecd-rootfs MP to implement the ISO creation
  • notcurses (LP: #2008108) - @schopin observed that the test failure on armhf was not the same as the known flaky test. Tracked down a test that seems to have been reliant on some glibc undefined behavior, send a PR upstream, and uploaded an ubuntu3 version of notcurses which passes the glibc armhf test.
  • 22.04.2 testing
  • HR training
  • Run interviews and review take home tests
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  • fuse vs ostree proposed migration (LP: #2006483), filed bugs in Debian, and the fix is now in fuse3
  • Lunar Lobster pre-FeatureFreeze Merge Party :partying_face:
  • Analyzed image manifests for jammy 22.04.2 point release
  • Interview
  • Travel planning
  • Compliance training
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Tried to work on some packages:

  • glibc
    • LP #1992159: Syntax error defien in socket.h
  • casper
    • LP #1990621: PXE Boot contains wrong suggested link to ISO for live file system

Tested 22.04.2 Images and found a few minor bugs:

  • LP #1967015: Release notes link in KDE frontend launches Kate
  • LP #1760302: No option/message “Is plugged to a power source” on laptop
  • LP #2008078: Wrong keyboard layout was selected in Kubuntu Installer
  • LP #2008089: Kubuntu installer deviates from described Testcase
  • LP #2008244: Pressing a key does not interrupt the boot sequence after rainbow" splash screen
  • LP #2008260: Raspbarry Pi 2 did not boot after rainbow" splash screen

I still mainly work my way into Ubuntu/Debian packaging and looking through the existing dotnet packages for Ubuntu.

  • Opened a Pull-Request to the Ubuntu Maintainers Guide to add missing installation instructions to use Canonistack for autopkgtest.
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  • Documentation for the desktop integration was merged (PR#325)
  • Fix for the lacp-rate property was merged (PR#324)
  • Refresh the bash autocompletion script with the most recent netplan subcommands (PR#326)
  • Triage and investigation of new bugs reported on Launchpad
  • PoC of jsonschema validation for netplan configuration parsing


  • sudo 1.9.13p1 merge (merged) (LP: #2007698)
  • curl 7.88.1-1 merge (LP: #2008123)
  • Tested some images for Raspberry PI for @jawn-smith
  • Tested Jammy .2 release on the Raspberry and X86.
  • Resolved few proposed migration excuses related to libgd2


  • Trip to Sprint Prague paperwork
  • Security training
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  • Open sync requests (still waiting sponsor)

    • #2008171 Sync golang-github-jhillyerd-enmime 0.9.3-3 (universe) from Debian experimental (main)
    • #2008044 Sync golang-github-go-openapi-spec 1:0.20.4-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)
  • Fix FTBFS for some Go packages (new version comes in, or FTBFS before golang-1.20)

    • golang-github-aws-aws-sdk-go-v2 1.17.1-3
    • golang-github-likexian-gokit 0.25.9-3
    • golang-github-powerman-check 1.6.0-1
    • golang-github-crewjam-saml 0.4.12-2
    • golang-github-vmware-govmomi 0.24.2-3
    • golang-github-jhillyerd-enmime 0.9.3-3
    • golang-refraction-networking-utls 1.2.1-2
  • #2002871 Fix pkgbinarymangler tests with debhelper 13.10
    pkgbinarymangler has been uploaded. But debian/changelog is still trimmed in PPA. Shall we hack on debhelper or dpkg, or wait launchpad-buildd to pass DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=notrimdch for PPA?


  • Chiselled Ubuntu and Go
  • Collections of Go developing tools


  • Prepare and submit VISA application
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  • merged PR 1564 to optionally fallback to an offline install.
  • further investigation of curtin’s curthooks dropping user configuration. Opened MP to fix bug in curtin. A few comments to address but test case works properly with fixes in curtin and subiquity.
  • investigated mirror testing not honoring apt settings. This is caused by apt CLI options not taking precedence over configuration files. Working on a fix.
  • working on optionally splitting packages downloads from package installs in curtin.
  • investigated LP: #2007582 but was not able to reproduce.
  • reviewed some of the active directory PRs


  • merged sysvinit 3.06 (thanks @jawn-smith for sponsoring!)


  • security & compliance trainings
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Ongoing work looking into the glibc autopkgtest results, which keep on coming.
All current failures are either already solved, failing because of other factors (hi dkms and kernel!) or can’t be run at all. Might be time to hint?


Reviews and sponsoring of cargo 0.67 then 0.68, and rustc 1.66.1 then 1.67, with a bit of a scramble this morning when the latter turned out to produce unusable binaries.


Usual load of reviews


  • xfsprogs merge
  • Travel requests
  • Take-home test grading
  • Compliance training
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  • Holiday Illness for most of last week, so this’ll be short
  • Reviewed and uploaded backports of u-boot-xlnx to jammy and kinetic for @ethan.hsieh (LP: #2006448)
  • Reviewed and uploaded backports of xilinx-bootgen to jammy and kinetic for @ethan.hsieh (LP: #1998732)
  • Reviewed and uploaded flash-kernel changes for StarFive VisionFive 2 support on lunar for @xypron (LP: #2007981)
  • Reviewed and uploaded backports of flash-kernel to jammy and kinetic for Xilinx Versal support for @ethan.hsieh (LP: #2006558)
  • Reviewed (pending upload) xlnx-firmware changes for Xilinx Versal support on lunar for @ethan.hsieh (LP: #2006104) (will SRU to jammy and kinetic after)
  • Investigated reports of firmware boot failure on Pi Zero 2W, unable to reproduce
  • Merging libcamera fixes with 0.0.4-2ubuntu1
  • 22.04.2 release meeting
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+1 maintenance

  • tiledarray: Closed build-depends on non-existent libbtas-dev and opened 1.0.0-1 FTBFS
  • python-pytest-flake8 -> python-flake8 -> Retry icdiff/2.0.6-1 on s390x
  • cssutils: The proper solution would be to upgrade to a new upstream version, but Debian is in freeze. So I cherry-picked one upstream commit for 2to3 and did a simple test fix for Python 3.11 and uploaded 1.0.2-7 to Debian unstable.



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Ubuntu 22.04.2
Testing RISC-V images

Add VisionFive 2 board

Unmatched board
Avoid soft lockups by increasing timeout.

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Ubuntu ROCK

  • Finished preliminary investigation of the requirements for the Rust development image. Since some development tools are missing from the archive, we need to include them either by packaging them in the archive or creating a Snap.


  • Currently working on getting libdigest-md5-file-perl and libswitch-perl included in main: (LP#2007279)
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Ubuntu ROCK:


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