Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/05/09

Previous status: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/05/02

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Summary for two short weeks, due to multiple public holidays & PTO.




  • hiring
  • preparations for Engineering sprint & travel
  • learn more about pebble
  • prepare lightning talk
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needrestart vs. toolchains:

  • prepared testsuite to illustrate issues for Java, Python and dotnet.



  • research for engineering sprint
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Short week due to bank holiday


  • Investigation into behaviour of seed-new-release
  • running seed-new-release to seed oracular results
  • running download-all-results for oracular results
  • Removed all duplicate results from the database
  • Modifying the KPI r.e. recent alerting introductions
  • Ongoing work for a big MP which will transition our deployment from mojo to terraform
  • Cleaning up zombie instances
  • Liaising with IS for multiple s0lp4 restarts
  • Liaising with IS r.e. PS6 s390x instances - we should get some soon! Yay for moving away from scalingstack (hopefully)
  • Reported a bug against the terraform juju provider
  • Queue cleanup
  • MP fixing a bug in the admin page
  • FIxed a bug in the web charm at initial deployment stage


  • Made an MP updating meta-release-development

release team jira templates

  • MP replacing mentions of cranberry
  • MP expanding on the steps required by the QA/Release Management Team


  • Getting involved with contributing to Ubuntu Studio - sent a message to the lead and I’ll start helping out wherever I can!
  • Made a couple MP’s with minor amendments for the release team jira templates
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  • Tested netplan with the new iproute2 6.8 and fixed a couple of autopkgtest that broken with the new version PR#469
  • Fixed some issues caused by the ignore_errors flags PR#468
  • Working on some improvements/bug fixes for status --diff PR#
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  • Investigated .NET 8 ppc64el autopkgtest failure and updated the dotnet-test-runner used in the autopkgtests to add support for ppc64el (PR #4)
  • Started working on the .NET may releases for snaps (.NET 6, 7, and 8) and the archive (.NET 6).
  • Worked on bootstrapping .NET 8 on Focal to match Microsoft’s support and broaden our own .NET snap support on older releases (still investigating feasibility).
  • Investigated enabling use of system libunwind on .NET 7 and 8 in PPA
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  • Update Go 1.21.10 & 1.22.3 releases


  • Prepare sprint & travel (flight is changed but luckily not canceled)
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  • Prepared for lightning talks on FIPS-compliant OpenJDK and CRaC-enabled OpenJDK
  • Wrote a blog-post with instructions to demonstrate the quick startup of
    a sample SpringBoot application using CRaC
  • Fixed autopkgtest failures in jtreg7 (bug, MR). Thanks to @vpa1977 for the rebasing work.
  • Found javaparser ftbfs with openjdk-21. Created a bug report. Working on a fix.
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  • Investigating and drafting a spec for an upcoming container image


The following is part of the +1 maintenance.

universe syncs

universe merges

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  • More Engineering Sprint / travel planning
  • PR #1972 - Fixes an autoinstall bug that causes “reset-partition: true” to crash the install LP: #2061042
  • PR #1989 - Fix a bug with our pre-commit hook that will cause it to fail on new files
  • PR #1994 - Drops logic that writes any wifi config to a separate file since now all network config files written by the installer have the same permissions
  • Continued work on PR #1965 - Make Subiquity fail early if the provided autoinstall violates the user creation rules, instead of mysteriously hanging later in the install (LP: #2060547)
  • More work on the validation script – PR #1901


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Very short week, as I only worked two days.



  • Redeployed all armhf workers to include oracular image building after the killing of armhf was reverted.