Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/04/11

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Next status: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/04/18

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Helped with unclogging the archive:

Also helped with ISO testing of:

  • Ubuntu Desktop (vanilla)
  • Kubuntu
  • Ubuntu Studio
  • Ubuntu Kylin
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  • ISO beta testing week … oh, so many bugs!
    • Need to add KMS overlay to server image to fix LP: #2038924, so tested with this addition in place
    • Found overlay causes OOM oops on 3A+ (LP: #2060300), found workaround with cma-128
    • Found icons missing from GTK4 apps on noble desktop (LP: #2060679)
    • Found login sound’s been broken on initial setup for quite a while (LP: #2060693)
    • Server images still have very annoying 2 minute wait on boot (LP: #2060311); discussed fixes with @enr0n
    • Display still won’t blank properly in desktop with some monitors (LP: #1971434)
    • Initial greeter displays error message; tracked to existing bug (LP: #2050884)
    • Found totem cannot install codecs on desktop anymore (LP: #2060730)
    • Found flash-kernel fails with server image on Pi 2B rev1.2 (only supported model now we’re only producing arm64 images) (LP: #2060856); uploaded fix, pending approval
    • Found bluetooth broken on Pi 3B (missing firmware) (LP: #2060850); working on fix
    • Found power LEDs are inoperable on early models of Pi (LP: #2060942)
  • Someone kindly fixed an issue with GPIO2/3 upstream in rpi-lgpio; filed bug to fix in Ubuntu (LP: #2060754), will probably be post-release
  • Working on updating the ISO tests to including bluetooth and power LED checks (and some other bits)
  • Pi meetings
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  • jruby fix merged to upstream openjdk-22, asked for sponsorship on backport to -21
  • raised MR to fix invocation api link failure on armhf


  • working on producing benchmarks on additional hardware

chiselled tomcat:

  • finished prototyping tomcat 9 chiselled container
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  • avahi 0.8-13ubuntu6: avahi-autoipd: Demote isc-dhcp-client from Recommends to Suggests (LP: #2058242)
  • Uploaded tzdata 2024a-2 and 2024a-2ubuntu1 plus the focal/jammy/mantic SRUs to fix timezone changed unexpectedly from EST to America/Adak or America/Indiana/Indianapolis
  • icu 74.2-1ubuntu3: Replace obsolete python3-distutils dependency by just python3
  • Fix lftp build on armhf: Apply upstream fix to m4 macro. Then switch packaging to dh to regenerate the configure script. Then fix the fallout of regenerating the configure script:
  • python-dateutil: Cherry-pick avoid deprecated utcfromtimestamp from 2.9.0 release for Python 3.12 support to fix ipykernel autopkgtest
  • hfsutils: Explicitly import string.h (Closes: #1066216, LP #2060708)
  • librep: Take patch from Gentoo to fix build failure with -Wimplicit-int, -Wimplicit-function-declaration (Closes: #1066440, LP #2060791)
  • libprelude: configure: Fix va_copy check for -Wimplicit-function-declaration (Closes: #1066860, LP #2060796)



proposed migration

  • pyode 1.2.0.dev15-4ubuntu1: Add support for Cython 3 to fix building the Python module. This package failed to build without aborting. It just produced an empty Python module package.
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  • Ongoing work to replace all amd64 binaries built with tainted xz-utils in noble. There are < 100 remaining packages that need newer versions to migrate to the noble release pocket before noble release.


  • Beta freeze queue reviews
  • Helping get necessary packages migrated and all flavor images built
  • Removed nvidia-graphics-drivers-550 from noble release pocket since ubuntu-drivers picks this unsigned dkms module by default if available, instead of the versions we have signed
  • this also impacts installs of jammy and mantic! so this package has been rolled back to -proposed for those releases as well.
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  • Help fix the archive following xz-utils incident and make image building work again. Focused on following packages:
    • uw-imap (merged in main)
    • astrometry[.]net (merged in main)
    • sendmail (now blocked by logcheck/1.4.3)


  • Backlog grooming
  • PR # 200 - Overall code quality improvement driven by TIOBE
    • Improved coverage report accuracy too
    • Merged
  • PR # 213 - Properly update the same structure in postProcessGadgetYaml
    • Critical bug spotted by Alfonso Sanchez-Beato, introduced during PR # 200
    • Done and merged.
  • PR # 188 - Improve the manual “execute” customization
    • Improvements following a first review in progress.
  • PR #212 - Preseed and update-grub failing to unmount some directories
    • Merged.


  • PR # 27 - Sync imagecraft with current imagecraft.yaml proposition
    • In progress
  • Spec to adapt craft-archives to imagecraft requirements
    • Discussions in progress to determine what will be implemented in craft-archives and what will be implemented in imagecraft.
  • PR # 23 - Use “standard” package-repositories key in imagecraft.yaml
    • In progress
  • PR # 30 - Package imagecraft as a snap
    • In review


  • SSDLC specs reading/review
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Shorter week, was off on Friday

iso testing

  • Run the UEFI SecureBoot Nvidia test on beta

upgrade testing

  • Added xenial->noble upgrade path.


  • MR to improve the reliability of the build of our LXD images for armhf.


  • Investifixed pull/push-amqp sending badly formatted messages to the queues: MP
  • MP improving the consistency of push/pull amqp scripts (dry-run by default everywhere), and also improve their documentation.
  • Investifixed a worker running out of inodes, and this was far longer than expected:
    Main takeaways:
    • we had a lot of libreoffice tests, and they take a big amount of space because their testsuite is huge, it seems
    • we sometimes had issues when cleaning work directory, fixed there
    • Not to be completely fixed yet, and there seem to be other tests than libreoffice to blame for taking a very big amount of space on our workers, like at least systemd and llvm-toolchain-15, all taking more than 1.5GB each.
  • WIP to enable private PPAs on noble (deb822 issue with current code)
  • MP improving the reported logs for running jobs, by also having the head of logs with the start datetime, the autopkgtest commit, the commandline, etc…
  • MP improving our default vimrc in the infra to help us catch silly mistakes when patching stuff.



  • Upgrades on my laptop have been a bit more chaotic than usual, one of them removing sway (Wayland compositor) without me noticing.
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  • +1 maintenance, brief list of things looked at: (full report will be sent to the ubuntu-devel list)

  • unbound proposed migration

  • oosp-uuid proposed migration

  • c2esp proposed migration

  • tree proposed migration

  • bash proposed migration

  • bpftrace autopkgtest failure and package breakage

  • libwfa2 proposed migration (armhf)

  • dcraw ftbfs

  • magics+ ftbfs

  • cloudkitty autopkgtest failure

  • bambam autopkgtest failure

  • pyfuse3 autopkgtest failure and cython time_t breakage

Other (distractions from +1 maintainance)

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  • Tracked and worked on getting .NET 8 s390x build bootstrapped.
  • Investigated s390x build failure on .NET 8 8.0.4.
  • Investigated the use-case of utilizing packaged .NET debug symbols to debug .NET applications and step into framework code.
  • Worked on the new .NET snap + installer tool
    • Implemented snap directory to store configuration files (PR #11)
  • Attended weekly .NET partners sync meeting
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  • libtracefs MIR:
    • several tests failing on my amd64 laptop,
    • several other tests failing but only in CI (lost events, probably due to the load of the runners’ hosts)
    • some tests failing for ppc64el
    • a segfault on s390x
    • Likely plan is to include based on amd64 and arm64 status and follow up for ppc64el and s390x if it makes sense
  • Some work updating gnutls to 3.8.5 and openssl with commits on top of 3.0.13 (or 3.0.14 if it is released quickly enough)


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